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Why I Left My Blog and YouTube Part I and Life Changes

Why I Put My Blog On Hiatus, Part I

There are two main reasons why I left blogging and YouTube. The biggest reason is, of course, the lawsuit and harassment issue. However, the second reason has been my health. I have always been very candid with how it affects me, despite the fact that it has been a reason why I have been harassed in the past few months.

Although my lupus has been under control, it took until now to get my interstitial cystitis, or IC, under control. I had surgery in June of 2016 that was supposed to help and started treatments that helped intermittently, but the reality was that most of my life was spent in severe pain taking pain killers to try and dull it. The pain killers would sometimes stop the pain, but then, in turn, they would make me extremely tired and fall asleep, thus killing the rest of the day.

I am reluctant to share about my illness because this was a very difficult time in my life, and due to the harassment I have endured over the past year, it has been made even worse by people mocking it. I want to stay open due to the fact that that's how I've always been on my blog, but I also would prefer that the harassment about something that has really affected my life not continue. I'm torn about how much to share.

At any rate, I wanted this blog to be a lifestyle blog where I showed myself sampling different restaurants, going to different events, showcasing my writing etc., and it just seemed like that wasn't happening due to the fact that I was just too ill most days to continue. Who wants to read a blog about someone who is crying in pain most days?

But now that I am feeling better, I am hoping to get "back on the horse" (actually literally as I am interested in horse riding now!) and begin writing again.

Life Changes

There have been two huge life changes that my older readers may be interested in. Eugene, my shih tzu, passed away at the beginning of June. Again, it is difficult for me to share, as I was also harassed about this, and it is an extremely painful part of my life. Eugene has been there for me for 9 years and his passing was both sudden and not. In March 2016, he suffered from an episode of congestive heart failure and during the last 15 months of his life, he took a lot of daily medication to regulate his heart. One weekend in June of 2017, he simply gave up and we lost him. It's still difficult to talk about, still difficult to think about. He will always be my puppy.

On a happier note, he left us just as I finished my PhD. I am now Dr. Anna Scanlon, which is totally nuts.

I will touch on the harassment issue, which I'm sure people are more interested in, in another blog post. But be patient.

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