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My blog is open to PR and advertising enquiries, however I do not guarantee placement on my blog without a payment. All products I receive will be reviewed honestly, and I reserve the right to not place a product on my blog if I feel I cannot ethically recommend it to my readers.

I also accept invitations to events (I'm near London) and anything else you want to throw my way.

If you have a product you think I'd like and would fit in well with my blog, email me at:

NOTE: I do not accept leather items or items that are not cruelty-free. If I receive an invitation to a restaurant, be aware that I will only review vegetarian or vegan dishes. Thanks for understanding!

A sample list of companies I've worked with in the past:

Jamie's Italian
Bath & Unwind
Pawsome Boxes
Dr. Paw Paw
And more

I'm willing to work with both smaller and larger businesses and brands.

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Purchase in the US | Purchase in the UK

Purchase in the US | Purchase in the UK
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