Children of the Most High
Book One
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Sixteen-year-old Rebecca Graber has lived in the safety of her close-knit conservative Amish community her entire life. She has been dating Zeke Stolzfus, the Bishop's son, since her first singing and anticipates the day when the two will marry. Rebecca's life changes overnight when Zeke, the boy she loves and trusts, forcibly takes her virginity. Taught to "turn the other cheek" like Jesus would have done, Rebecca's religion requires her to forgive Zeke and put the rape in the past. Family relationships and community ties are put to the test in the wake of Rebecca's trauma. Feeling abandoned by her religion's minimization of the assault, she embarks on a journey where she discovers the answers in the most unlikely of places. This powerful novel examines what forgiveness truly means.

Praise for Children of the Most High from readers:

This is an eye opening story from an unexpected point of view." "This is another very informative book based on the Amish religion. It is obviously very well researched and gave an unbiased insight into the different cultures and religions."

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"No one heard us. They decided not to, to turn their heads away.

It was too much to bear. Too much to know. Too hard to swallow.

But now that the world knows, now that the world has heard, it all seems so simple, so easy to defray.

I screamed and no one heard.

Next time, will you be listening?"

Aliz and her twin sister, Hajna, are enjoying their playful, carefree and comfortable life with their parents in Szeged, Hungary just before the Nazis invade. Seemingly overnight, their lives change drastically as they are transported to the ghetto on the outskirts of the city and then to Auschwitz to be used in Mengele's deadly experiments. After several months of brutal torture, Aliz is liberated to find that she is the only survivor in her family. At not even 11 years old, Aliz must make the journey to San Francisco alone, an entire world away from everything she's known, in order to live with her only known relatives whom she has never met-- a depressed aunt and teenage cousin who is more than ready to escape her mother's melancholy. Told through the eyes of both Aliz and her cousin Isabelle, Unravelled tells a story of survival, hope, family and the lives war and genocide haunt long after liberation.

Praise for Unravelled from readers:

"Beautifully written, haunting story about the Holocaust and its aftermath."

This is a moving portrayal of survival and the consequences of trauma on those who experience it and their family members. I devoured this book within 24 hours, it was so moving and engrossing."

Overall, this is an excellent story that I highly recommend."

"Well worth the read."

"Just amazing. A must read."

Unravelled has been featured on's Best Seller List of YA Historical Fiction, alongside authors like Ruta Sepetys, Phillipa Gregory and Roald Dahl.

The Remnants: Book One
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Germany has defeated the Allies, won WWII in Europe and cleansed the territory of undesirables. Yet the war in the Far East still wages on. Welcome to the future of Germania.

16-year-old Stella Engel has lived her entire life in a sheltered, but comfortable middle class existence within the Reich where she has made lifelong friends and fostered her love of science. For most of her childhood, she has hoped to grow up to serve the Reich as a doctor. Her high achievements have earned her a place at the annual Eugenics Competition, where only the best and brightest students in science are invited to compete, securing their future in a high ranking medical school. However, her trip is marred when her best friend Pia, and Pia's entire family, suddenly go missing. After searching for her friend to no avail, something even stranger happens: the Eugenics Competition is interrupted by the mass arrest of all of the contestants. They are now under suspicion of carrying "dirty" genes, or the genes of those the Reich has convinced the public have long been eradicated. Stella's mother helps her manage to flee from the SS temporarily, where Stella learns that nothing in the Reich is as it seems; and that includes Stella herself. 

Praise for The Remnants by readers:
 "This book has all the makings of a bestseller, I could see it being read and discussed in schools." 


  1. UGH, I don't think my other comment posted correctly, so hopefully this doesn't post twice. I just wanted to let you know that you're amazing and I just finished Children of the Most High and I LOVED it. I heard about your book through a fellow blogger (I blog too!) and after reading the description, I had to check it out, and I'm so glad I did. I'll definitely be putting a good word in about your book. Can't wait to read the next installment(s). Thanks again for the great read. (:

    1. Thank you so much! This means a lot to me, Mika. I am so glad you got in touch and glad you enjoyed it! xx

  • I read remmants and it was amazing. I found this blog on sprinkle of glitter so checked it out.... I am soooo glad I did AMAZING BOOK and I am now reading children of the most high great so far!!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much! This means SO much to me. xx

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