Sunday, February 23, 2014

30 Day Shred Complete

I've finished the 30-day Shred and suffice to say, whilst I noticed results, they're not as dramatic as I'd hoped for. Still, they are good and I'm sticking with Jillian for 6-week abs and then Ripped in 30. Part of the not so amazing progress is likely attributed to my eating habits and a scale that told me I weighed half a stone less than I actually do, making me think I was making much more significant progress than I was. I'm going to knock out another 200 calories a day and stop carrying calories over to the next day, a bad habit I got into. Instead, I'll be strict and then have a Sunday rest day that's a bit more of a cheat day (maybe 1500 calories a day? Thoughts?).

Without further ado, let's go back to my results:


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  2. Not as dramatic as you hoped? This is fricken amazing! Good on you for doing this and you look amazing!

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