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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred--Day 20 Results

2/3 of the way there! Level 2 is definitely more intense than level 1 and because I have lupus and terrible arthritis in my knees, a lot of the jumping really hurt. I know she says not to pause, but I often needed to in order to keep my knees from hurting too badly. The double jump rope was also often very difficult for me as it really hurt my knees. I tried a single, but that still hurt, so I've decided to just substitute the high knees for it whenever she asks for a jump rope move.

Video pet peeve? I absolutely hate that she says "If Natalie can do it, you can do it." Like...Natalie is a fitness model and personal trainer. Of course this is easy as hell for her. She's a beast!

I haven't lost much weight in the past 10 or so days, maybe about a pound, which is always distressing when you're actually trying, working out and reducing your calories. But I have noticed increased endurance, more energy, sleeping better at night and a bit of a tighter body. I think I am sticking with Jillian and after this one I'll be doing her six pack abs in six weeks.

And now....onto our 20 day results check in!

Front Abs Day 1
Front Abs Day 10
Front Abs Day 20 

Side Abs Day 1
Side Abs Day 10
Side Abs Day 20

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