Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Nail Update and Shred Update

Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred has gone on a bit of hiatus these past few days because, as I predicted, I did have a kidney infection during the Shred. Never fear, I will be back shredding. Hopefully today. But I have to admit that the second work out is a killer. You definitely feel proud you've accomplished it.

As promised, we'll discuss the next pressing issue, which is the Sensationail update. My last manicure stayed on my nails for a grand total of two weeks. It could have lasted longer, but the growth annoys the crap out of me, so I decided to remove them. My housemate is now also a fan of my investment and has done her nails with the kit and is also a fan. It's a great girlie bonding exercise every two weeks.

The only thing we've noticed that isn't great about these gels is that you have to be precise with the polish, otherwise it'll start to grow weird and jagged at the bottom of the nail and get caught on your clothes as your nails grow out. This is one time in adult life where coloring in the lines really matters.

Each Sensationail kit comes with two colors, so I went ahead and painted with the other color: pink chiffon. I'm digging the pink/neutral tone. 

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