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(Please read in its entirety before emailing me if you are a brand interested in working with me!) 

Fancy Dropping Me a Note?
Feel free! I typically respond fairly quickly. Please see below for stats and policies before sending me a message. I am very PR friendly, but please take the time to read below before shooting an email. 


PLEASE NOTE- I am struggling with health issues at the moment, working and writing a PhD thesis. Because of that, I cannot guarantee a timely review of a product if it is sent without payment. If I receive payment, there will be little delay as it is part of work.

Just Interested in My Stats? 
My site is growing rapidly. I am now about 20,000 or so a month and 800+ per day.

The blog has only been public since April 2014 and the YouTube channel began May 7, 2014. This is indicative of enormous growth! 

My YouTube channel receives around 20,000 views per month. 

Domain Authority Score- 30

Some stats (as of March 2016)

Blog Posts Per Week: Typically 3
Twitter Followers: 9.7K
Facebook Followers: 2.7K (including writing)
Bloglovin': 2.9K
YouTube: 6K
Instagram: 13.5K
Mailing List: 850

Pinterest: 400


Geography of Readers
Being from the US and living in the UK, my biggest readership is from those countries and is pretty much split down the middle. Because of this, I am open to working with brands in the US and UK, but when doing a giveaway of products, I prefer it to be open to both countries if possible (I understand that this can't always be the case, however). According to Google Analytics, here is a break down of my readership by location and the percentage of readers from each locale:

1. United Kingdom- 36.84%
2. United States- 35.52%
3. Canada- 3.21%
4. Russia- 2.88%
5. Australia- 1.61%
6. Thailand- 1.5%
7. Ireland- 1.25%
8. Germany- 1.18%
9. France- 1.01%
10. Spain- 0.9%

Aside from those countries, my blog receives over 10 unique users a month from each of the following countries: Romania, Netherlands, India, Brazil, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Philippines, Croatia, New Zealand, Serbia, Pakistan, South Africa, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Slovenia, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Turkey, Finland, Mexico, Hong Kong and Ukraine.

Ways to Sponsor/Work with Me:

Interested in a guest posting? Shoot me an email and we will discuss if I feel you're a good fit. I love meeting other bloggers and cross-promoting one another, so I'm usually open as long as it fits in with my content. NOTE: A guest post is NOT a free spread on your business that you have written yourself. You may mention your business or blog, but a guest post is meant to add content and value.

Businesses, Brands, Books and Sponsored Posts

My blog receives several thousand views per month, making it a great place for you to showcase your product, book or blog. As I am a smaller, but growing, blog this is a great place for also small but growing businesses, blogs and books! Please note, I reserve the right to deny any blog/product/book based on unsuitability.

If I am unfamiliar with the product in question, I cannot guarantee a positive review upon receipt as building trust with my audience is of utmost importance. If I do not like the product sent to me, I will notify your business as soon as possible. I will never write or film false or misleading reviews. I also will not write sponsored posts for free. This blog is for-profit and therefore cannot handle free posts advertising companies. 

Typical Price List for Sponsored Posts WITHOUT Exchange of Product:
Free posts or lower compensation considered with exchange of free product. Sponsored posts in exchange for money will guarantee a mention or review.

Gifting in Lieu of Payment
While this is accepted on a case by case basis, because of the amount of gifts I have been receiving, gifting can no longer guarantee a review. I will do my best effort to review all products sent to me, but as I am not yet a full-time blogger, it is near impossible to get to everything. Please also note that if I value honesty and my readers' trust. Therefore, if I do review an item gifted to me, I can not guarantee a positive review. In this case, I will email you before publishing to see if you would like for me to go ahead with the negative review or scrap it altogether.

Brands I've Worked With Include (But Are Not Limited to):
Belgo Restaurants
Salmontini Restaurants
The Landmark London
Charbonnel et Walker
The Body Shop UK
Jamie's Italian Restaurants
Wolf and Whistle
Pawsome Box
Bark Beats Box
Ladbrokes Bingo
JD Williams

Charity Advertising Policy
  I will publicize fundraisers on a case-by-case basis. If the site, however, asks for private donations via PayPal, GoFundMe, etc., and not through a registered charity (UK) or 501(c)(3) (USA), I cannot advertise it on my blog unless you can provide verifiable proof of your organization or cause. Websites like Habitat for Humanity that allow money to be given on behalf of individuals (service trips or other endeavors), but through a 501c3 website are acceptable.

Disclosure Policy

Every sponsored post will be clearly labeled as so. I only endorse brands that I have either previously used or for which I have been provided a sample. I will NEVER endorse a brand or item that I have not used as gaining trust from my readers is extremely important. From time to time I may have a link to an item of clothing or accessory from a brand I have not personally worn, but it will always be one I would consider purchasing myself. From time to time, there will also be affiliate links in which I earn a few cents for your click, but again, I do not recommend brands I would not already consider buying.

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