I'm back...

In the hospital again. 

Don't know any more than that, but already scheduled posts will go up as before. 


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New Video Mondays: The Hashtag Smokey Eye?

Does the hashtag smokey eye trick really work? Find out in my video below!

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Healthcare and Hospitalization: US vs. UK

If you're American, you've probably heard either glowing, romanticized reviews about the NHS (National Healthcare System in the UK), or horror stories about someone waiting 10+ hours to receive an emergency operation. Or if you're from the UK, you've likely heard about people going bankrupt for appendectomies in the US. As someone who has experienced both systems extensively, I'm going to go over my experience being hospitalized and at the GP for you. 

August Self-Publishing Income Report and Tips

How did I do for August? Check it out!

Wearable Victorian Looks

I am absolutely in love with the new Victoriana trend going on at the minute, so I've created some wearable Victorian looks for you. I hope you enjoy!

Look #1
wearable victorian #3

Transitioning to Fall and Trying Out the Floppy Hat Trend

A Time for...Basic Bitches? Good Fun or Institutionalized Misogyny?

Google feed upon my search for "basic bitch."

Autumn is upon us, as is the autumnal craze for pumpkin spice everything including Jell-O and and Oreos. But now that we've become self-aware of our ridiculousness, is it erring on the side of misogyny?

(also, L'Shanah Tovah to my Jewish readers! I hope your evening is filled with apples and honey and your new year is sweet!)

New Video Mondays--My Autumn Shoe Collection!

Shoe enthusiasts and foot fetishists alike (ha!) should enjoy this video. What shoes will you be wearing this autumn?

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Let's Talk Frustrations as a Writer

When it all becomes a little bit too much...

Our Night at #dearlatenightlondon

Last week, Luke and I were invited down to London at Bar SoHo for Late Night London's Christmas season kick off! It was a lovely evening full of Christmas themed cocktails and Santa granting people's wishes.

What Would Have Happened if the Nazis Had Won WWII?

I have received a great opportunity from Inkshares to give The Remnants series a home in the traditional publishing world: the only difference with this model is that it is crowd-funded. I am following in the footsteps of Daniel Wallace (author of Big Fish) and will be one of the first to be published via this model if I succeed in my goal.
This means I can bring the VERY BEST possible copy of the The Remnants to you as I'll have professional support AND it will actually go to a physical book store (with the possibility of a film, etc. in the future!).

If you back it now (for as little a couple dollars), Inkshares will give me an additional $5. Plus, you get to provide your own input into the book along the way and get your own copy (or copies, depending on how many you want) when the book comes out.

Of course, you don't have to do this if you don't want to, but I thought I would spread the word!
This means that the release date WILL be pushed back, but that is only for the better (if you have already pre-ordered, you will get a refund)!

Find out more about the book, what you get as a backer and how to fund the book here.

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Celebrate Autumn Mailing List Giveaway!

Fashion Flashback: Victorian Face Masks New Video Mondays

My new video Mondays are FINALLY back, y'all. And this week, I'm trying a Victorian peaches and cream face mask for my Fashion Flashback series in which I research and try beauty treatments and fashion trends from the days of old.

And after fixing the setting, I have to say that this video is so clear and looks so good!!! Finally! xx

Give it a watch below. Let me know if you try it out!

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England: Expectations VS Reality--Originally Run on Where the Heart Is

Note: This post was originally a guest post for Where the Heart Is. Please pay her a visit!

Great North Run--in lieu of the TGIF Friday Deals!

This has nothing to do with the Great North Run, but I loved this quote we saw in a restaurant we ate in.
Last Saturday, my boyfriend Luke, my parents and myself headed for the Toon for Bupa's Great North Run. ("The Toon" is a nickname for Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, in case you were wondering!) For me, running is strictly a spectator sport, however Luke was brave enough to sign up and run the 13 miles. He didn't quite beat Mo Farrah's 1 hour and 1 second record, but he did well enough and we are all so proud of him. Luke ran for the charity Mind UK, which works to provide aid to people with mental health issues ranging from depression to dementia. As his grandfather suffered from dementia, Luke honored him on his running top, but unfortunately got called "Grandad" for the whole day. Although it was super crowded and a marathon itself to get the spectators to and from the finish line, it was still a lovely day out!

The Last Five Years Sneak Peek

Still from the film found at IMDB

If you know me at all, you know I'm a huge musical theatre fan and The Last Five Years is one of my favorites. This Off-Broadway Jason Robert Brown musical chronicles 5 years of a failed relationship entirely through song--the female and male telling the story from different perspectives.  I've been a bit skeptical of the idea of it as a movie (especially since the musical only has two characters, but the movie seems to have a lot of them), but I'm still excited to see it--especially with Anna Kendrick as Cathy. If it has most of the original music, it'll make you feel all the feels, especially if you've had a failed serious relationship.

How to Travel for Free --X Posted from My So-Called Chaos

When people realize I have lived in 5 different countries (before the age of 30), they remark that I, or my parents, must be extremely wealthy. While I won't negate that I did grow up more privileged than many people, my parents haven't paid for much in regards to my travels since my first study abroad adventure in 2006. You can also finance your own travels relatively easily--although it does take a bit of know how. 

Anna in Wonderland Key Print Tees and Hoodies

Interested in a beautiful key print hoodie? As an experiment, I am printing off a few of these. As of September 9, we need 17 more reserved in 21 days in order to have them printed off. I'm in love with them myself! Reserve here. You won't be charged unless we meet our goal of 18 sales.

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Monetizing Your Blog

Updated Blogging Tips

As part of my blog facelift, I'm including information about blogging and self-publishing, two things I'm often asked about. If you click the "Resources" tab above, you'll be directed to tips for both self-publishing and blogging, although both are under construction. However, I have added "cheat sheet" for starting a lifestyle/beauty blog, which can be read here. Bookmark and enjoy!

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New Trend Alert Victoriana

I am pretty much wetting myself with excitement over the new Victoriana trend that's hitting stores this fall and winter. I love myself a bit of Victorian clothing...and wearable Victorian looks are pretty much my favorite thing in the world. I've included looks at several price points, so have a browse!
Is this top not gorgeous? £36 at ASOS

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TGIF: Friday Deals

I've been a little reluctant to do this, as I'm still a little confused from my medicine and may not be writing very coherently. Regardless, here are a few deals I thought you guys might want! With back to school on the brain, I'm sure this is perfect for parents and college/university students alike. It isn't much this week, but I hope it suffices. :)

Save up to 40% at the NORDSTROM Clearance Sale now through September 7. Plus, get free shipping and free returns on every order.

Free Shipping on All Cosmetics 
Saks Fifth Avenue
Shop Duty-Free and Enjoy Free Express Shipping. Enter code DUTYFREE at checkout

Happy saving! xx

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Olay Cleansing System vs. No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush

Image of brushes copyright Olay and No 7 respectively

For several years now, I have sworn by my "fake Clarisonic" and feel as though my skin's condition has improved massively as a result. Since I'm too cheap to opt for a real Clarisonic, I have been using the Olay and No 7 versions for quite a long time--and have likely bought enough to pay for a real Clarisonic several times over. 
When I went back to the States, I purchased an Olay Regenerist system, since the ones in the UK are astronomically expensive compared to their price in the US. Then I realized that I had really gotten used to the No 7 and that there were pros and cons to each. Let's check it out.
PROS for BOTH Products
1. Helps keep skin smooth longer
2. Cleans off make-up better
3. Exfoliates extremely well.
CONS for BOTH Products 
1. They both start to rust by the battery compartment after a while
2. Neither one is really designed for water (which is ridiculous), so they do not have an infinite life, even with more batteries.
Olay Regenerist
The Olay Regenerist does all it is supposed to, but the brush is a lot smaller and the "high speed" is rather slow. Because of this, I find you can use a lot more harsh products on your face and it won't burn or make you want to claw your face off. It also, however, tends to stop without warning when its life is over. No sputter, no spit, just dead to the world. 
No. 7  Beautiful Skin
When I first tried this product, I thought the "fast" was far too fast and that the brush was too harsh. This was mainly because I was using harsh ass stuff on my face all at the same time and expecting it not to burn. Over time, I adjusted my routine and got used to the "harshness," even finding that it worked better for my skin. But if your face is sensitive, this isn't the one to use. The brush is also a lot bigger and covers more surface area. Also, this one pooped out after a while, although it did have more of a warning. However, the lady who sold it to me said it would never stop working if I changed the batteries, which was a total misrepresentation.
No. 7 is my stand-by! 
What do you guys think?
I'm more of a fan of the No. 7  

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Special for My Readers

As many of you know,  I am a PhD student and teach history--Unravelled was not created from thin air, but rather years and years of research.

For those who have become interested in the Holocaust as a result of Unravelled, you can take my course (valued at $120, although much more if you were to take a course of mine at a university!) for $60 with the code AnnainWonderland at checkout! This is limited to the first 60 students.

The course will be available on demand as long as you would like. There is no obligation to continue if you dislike it and Udemy offers you a money back guarantee. What are you waiting for? Click the picture to have a look.

If you are interested in my qualifications to teach this course, please visit my LinkedIn Profile.

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I'm back from the hospital

Hi everyone!

I was finally discharged from the hospital earlier this evening. I haven't even been home six hours yet, but I still feel dizzy and behind in everything to do with university, blogging and my novels. The hospital only had Internet in the children's ward, which I had to walk quite far to get to. At one point, I fainted on my way. Eep.

I am on the mend (and had my first taste of NHS inpatient stays), but will be relaxing for a while. There will be no new YouTube video this Monday, but the Monday after (barring any unforeseen circumstances) my Monday video will be up.

I hope you all are having a fabulous day and please forgive me if I'm not as fast as usual in updating or replying.



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Writing and Study Tips

Firstly, I want to say writing this article at this moment feels a little bit "wrong," especially since I am now watching The Real Housewives of Orange County in the background as I type this. Let me say, that is NOT recommended, but I am so glad that Vicki learned that feng shui is not just for Asian people this season.

I also should say that self-motivation isn't easy. If you're hoping to make a career as a writer or blogger or anything from home, you're going to have to learn tips and tricks to keep yourself going. These are just some of the things that have helped me write my books, my blog and my thesises (thesi?).

DO set realistic goals for yourself, otherwise you'll end up annoyed and frustrated.
DO split things into chunks and be honest with yourself about how much you can accomplish in a certain about of time.
DO reward yourself. When I'm writing academic papers, I will allow myself to check Facebook or watch an episode of trashy TV after every 500 words, and 1000 words for a novel. 
DO find a comfortable place to study. I never found studying in a library was helpful for me, but it may be for some people.
DO get out of the house sometimes, if you're able. At some point, you may be climbing up the walls if you don't.
DO minimize distractions by going to another room, going outside or wearing headphones.

DON'T set unrealistic goals for yourself. It may take some experimenting to figure out what you can do in a set amount of time.
DON'T sit down with a bunch of junk food as you study. Never a good idea. Take breaks for healthy snacks, but don't sit down with a bag of Doritos while you study and expect it to end well for yourself or your computer.
DON'T get so wrapped up in your blog, thesis or current project that you neglect everything else in your life. I know this can be tempting if you are passionate about what you are doing, but try to avoid this. A work-life balance is necessary.


I made a mix of some songs that I like to listen to when I'm writing or studying, so I hope you find some new artists or some old favorites.
Studying/Writing by Anna Scanlon on Grooveshark
What do you like to do when you're studying? What is your best tip?

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Dorm Room Ideas

This past week, I have been really ill (with an infection that would not go away and just about landed me in the hospital) and therefore there will be no new video this Monday. Sorry guys. Next week though, buckle up! Instead, let's talk dorm room ideas....

Most dorms won't allow you to paint or nail anything to the wall. One alternative I like to use is a wall decal. It can make your room totally your own without breaking the rules.  Some examples:

Awesome 3D Butterfly Mural- $3.99


Decals- $10

 No Nail Photo Display


Multicolored Paper Lantern String Lights

Dry Erase Wall Calendar Decal

NYC Wall Decal

I can't speak highly enough of investing in one of these. I promise you, it will be totally worth it. Those mattresses are not the most comfortable in the world...

Sleep Innovations 2-Inch Memory Foam Twin XL Mattress Topper 

In the widget below, I've created some dorm room essentials that I used throughout my college/uni days and some decoration inspiration. I hope you enjoy!

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