Thursday, September 4, 2014

Olay Cleansing System vs. No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush

Image of brushes copyright Olay and No 7 respectively

For several years now, I have sworn by my "fake Clarisonic" and feel as though my skin's condition has improved massively as a result. Since I'm too cheap to opt for a real Clarisonic, I have been using the Olay and No 7 versions for quite a long time--and have likely bought enough to pay for a real Clarisonic several times over. 
When I went back to the States, I purchased an Olay Regenerist system, since the ones in the UK are astronomically expensive compared to their price in the US. Then I realized that I had really gotten used to the No 7 and that there were pros and cons to each. Let's check it out.
PROS for BOTH Products
1. Helps keep skin smooth longer
2. Cleans off make-up better
3. Exfoliates extremely well.
CONS for BOTH Products 
1. They both start to rust by the battery compartment after a while
2. Neither one is really designed for water (which is ridiculous), so they do not have an infinite life, even with more batteries.
Olay Regenerist
The Olay Regenerist does all it is supposed to, but the brush is a lot smaller and the "high speed" is rather slow. Because of this, I find you can use a lot more harsh products on your face and it won't burn or make you want to claw your face off. It also, however, tends to stop without warning when its life is over. No sputter, no spit, just dead to the world. 
No. 7  Beautiful Skin
When I first tried this product, I thought the "fast" was far too fast and that the brush was too harsh. This was mainly because I was using harsh ass stuff on my face all at the same time and expecting it not to burn. Over time, I adjusted my routine and got used to the "harshness," even finding that it worked better for my skin. But if your face is sensitive, this isn't the one to use. The brush is also a lot bigger and covers more surface area. Also, this one pooped out after a while, although it did have more of a warning. However, the lady who sold it to me said it would never stop working if I changed the batteries, which was a total misrepresentation.
No. 7 is my stand-by! 
What do you guys think?
I'm more of a fan of the No. 7  

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