Seven Classic Style Holiday Dresses

Looking for something to channel your inner '50s glam girl this holiday season? Or how about something on the conservative side for your office party but with an added glam touch? Read on! (Although I mention Chi Chi London a lot here, I am in no way associated with them...I just really love them right now!)

GUEST POST: 6 Shopping Apps That Save a Ton by Shari Wargo Stamps

In order to keep my blog gaining momentum while I'm recovering, I'm doing a series of guest posts for the end of November and most of December (along with a few of my own mixed it). So I could take some time off from YouTube as well, this week's guest post will be in lieu of my new video Wednesday.

 I hope you enjoy these hand picked posts that I thought would appeal to my readers. First up is a great post by Shari Wargo Stamps of Savvy Every Day. I know that my audience is split 50/50 between American and UK readers, but this post is a bit more helpful to my American girls (and guys!). If you're from the UK and know of similar apps, don't hesitate to weigh in in the comments.

Are We Required to Issue Our Own Press Releases On Current Events?

In the wake of the horrible tragedy of Michael Brown's death in Ferguson, Missouri, many people have taken to Twitter and Facebook to voice their opinions. But is this, issuing your own press release of sorts, now culturally expected in certain circles? And if you do not issue your own "press release," are you thought of as ignorant or uncaring?

Is There Such a Thing as Ethical Affordable Fashion and Technology?

Photo credit: Telegraph/AFP

As bloggers and blog readers, we are ultimately drawn online in order to score ourselves the latest deals and investigate the newest fashion trends. As the demand for disposable fashion increases (a la Primark and H&M), are we perpetuating horrible conditions for people halfway around the world?


With my stats skyrocketing, I am thinking of starting to offer ads again via Passionfruit which would include monthly group giveaways (I think I have finally found the secret to getting a ton of entries so I would love to help YOU boost your traffic as well). Would you be interested and how much would you pay for one?

I'd love to work together! If I do do ads, I am going to offer a limited amount before I finish my PhD just to ensure I can give you guys proper attention. I think before when I tried I tried to go too big. Instead, I'll do 5-8 spots per month to give you guys your due.

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October Self-Publishing Tips and Reports

How did I do for the month of October? Let's take a look....

Interested in Guest Blogging?

I am looking for 3-4 guest blog posts for my blog. They can be holiday themed or's up to you. My blog focuses on fashion, beauty, lifestyle and personal anecdotes and I would allow publication on any of these topics. I have been having health issues recently and would like to keep my blog going! My demographic is women ages 18-35, almost 50/50 between 18-24 and 25-35. Please keep that in mind when pitching me a topic. I am not super picky, though and I know you are doing me a huge favor so as long as it falls within that category, I will most likely accept it. 

According to Google analytics, I have 10,000 visitors per month with about 3800 uniques. There will be no pay (ugh, THE WORST), but I will clearly label you and your blog.
If you are interested, email me at with a pitch and link to your blog. You will own all content and you can feel free to repost on your own blog at a later date. You can read more about my stats here.

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Greetings from the Hospital

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How to Pack for a Long Trip (and Still Look Cute)

Recently, I went away on a one-month trip that had me moving around three countries, two overseas flights and eight hotels. Yes, eight hotels! Although I have traveled quite a bit before, this living-out-of-a-suitcase business was new to me and I’m here to share my trials, errors and triumphs so that your next non-stop travel experience will be a lot more seamless than mine.

Back in the Hospital

And the nightmare continues  and I'm back in the hospital. And there is very spotty Internet so I cannot respond to emails very well.

If you are trying to subscribe to my YouTube and cannot for some reason, you need to create a YouTube account and subscribe. That is the only way it can be done. 

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Eugene's Favorites

Ladies and gentlemen, today Eugene (my grumpy old man shih tzu with more personality than most people) is taking over my blog to tell you about some treats he received from the lovely folks at Pet Shop Bowl. 

You want me to write a blog post? Do I get paid for this?

And Now for My UK Ladies...

I promised a giveaway for the UK only and here it is...The Body Shop Advent calendar! I wanted to be able to give away the same prize, but unfortunately the Benefit Calendar is already sold out across the UK and the Body Shop calendar is unavailable in the US. Quite the must have items this season!

How do you enter? Read on!

A Treat For You--iPad Mini 3 Giveaway!

Welcome to the iPad mini 3 16GB Wi-Fi Giveaway!

We've joined forces with an amazing group of bloggers to bring you this fabulous giveaway. One lucky person will win an iPad mini 3 16GB Wi-Fi, valued at $399.

New Video Wednesdays: Primark Christmas Haul

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My Experience with Healthcare from the US to Holland to Hungary to the UK

Have you ever wondered about the different healthcare systems around the world? are some of my experiences...

Unravelled is On Sale

Until November 14, Unravelled is on sale in both the US and the UK for Kindle. Grab it here (US) or here (UK).

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Are We Confusing Young Children with Feminist Principles or Helping Them Think Critically?

The Anna and Elsa sister duo from Frozen were the hot costume this year

As Halloween draws to a close and many children in America, and now many parts of the world, hang up their costumes, I have begun to ruminate over several issues pertaining to Halloween and femininity. 

New Video Wednesdays!

Sorry this one is a bit late! x

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Children of the Most High is On Sale!

My book, Children of the Most High, is currently on a Kindle Countdown deal, meaning it is super cheap and will gradually increase in price until Friday. Grab it while the price is still low! Go here (US) or here (UK) to get your copy.

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Invisible--The Film

Let me tell you guys about an amazing new film still in the works, Invisible, which tells the story of people with chronic invisible illnesses. If you think you don't know anyone with a chronic or invisible illness, simply check my "About Me" page and get to know me--someone who suffers from Lupus SLE.

An Open Letter to Those Who Have Sent Me Nasty Messages RE: Zoella Beauty

Recently, I posted a couple of reviews giving my honest opinion on the Zoella Beauty range. Now, I don't mind getting "hate," but the way I received it was particularly unsettling. So if you're one of the people who were personally offended by my not saying all of Zoe's products were 5 stars, please read on.

FLASH Giveaway! One Week Only!--Benefit Advent Calendar (US ONLY)

Want to win a limited edition Benefit Advent Calendar (US Only)? Then hurry! This contest ends on Friday November 7!

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