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I want to give Sarah from Social and Chic a big thank you for giving my page a mini makeover. Although I did use one of her pre-designs, she still customized it for me to make it match my blog and header perfectly. Thank you so much, Sarah!

Bomarche Holiday Starter Pack

Bonmarche was nice enough to send me this lovely holiday starter pack full of goodies, including a bathing suit from their line (which are incredibly affordable!):

They're also doing a contest where you can win a £3000 dream holiday! That sounds amazing to me. I'm definitely entering and if I win, I would love to pack up and head to Australia. I have some dear friends who moved there from the UK a couple of years ago who I would love to see. Aside from seeing them, I'd love to hold a koala, hang out on the beach and maybe try my hand at surfing. It is definitely one of the places I've always wanted to go, but since it is so far away from everything, it has never been accessible. So I plan to get on this and enter straight away. The deadline is June 6, so go hurry up! 

When you go on holiday, how do you pack? I will be going to Ireland this summer (hardly a sunny destination, but still fun none the less!) and I am not the greatest at packing. In fact, I often overpack. However, some things I have learned is to carry travel sized versions of your favorite toiletries (or put them in travel size bottles) so you don't waste weight and space on a full sized item (unless you're moving somewhere). Also, pack your toiletries in a clear zipped bag so 1) you can see everything and 2) they are contained if they spill. You can also use shoes to store items like socks, jewelry and other things.

Where is your dream holiday destination?

How I Lost 7lbs in 9 Days (And 9 Overall Inches!) Video!

In addition to the diary I did about a week back, I'm here to talk about how I lost the weight I lost on the Clean 9 Program and show you the box and its contents.

Travel Tuesdays-The Five Types of (Obnoxious) Expats You'll Meet

When you live abroad, you'll no doubt run into a fairly sizable expat community. Many of these people are going to be awesome resources and turn into some great friends. However, there are some expats that grind on my gears, and here are a few every expat will most undoubtedly meet on his or her path:

The "My Country is in the Gutter" Expat

This expat has left their home country behind and was exhilarated to see the backside of it. They have made it clear that they are never going back because no matter where they're from originally, they can make it sound like it is worse to live there a war-torn country that was just hit by a famine. Even if you're from the same country, if you're together, they'll speak up first to explain their experiences and how they're universal. Have a positive experience in your shared home country? They'll slam it down. Their country just can't do anything right, from employment to food to healthcare to immigration. And they're desperate to marry someone in their expat country or exploit some loophole that will allow them to stay indefinitely. No way they're going back to that rat-infested gutter of their home country, even if it is as innocuous as Canada. 

The "Why is Everything Different Here?" Expat

This expat maybe shouldn't have left home in the first place. They'll be the first to complain about why everything is shut on a Sunday, why you don't get ice in your soda and why the locals look so grumpy (even if it isn't a thing in the host country to smile at people as you pass). They're the opposite extreme from the expat above, and they can't wait to get their one way ticket home. If they're in a foreign country for a program like teaching abroad or study abroad, they'll either leave halfway through or be counting down the days to their imminent departure. They're never looking back and will be kissing the ground of their home country the second they land.   

The Returned Expat Who Can't Let It Go

This expat lived abroad for 3 months in Spain during their junior year of college, but they're still the foremost expert on the subject. Got a question about how to obtain healthcare? They've got you covered (or so they think). Have a complaint? That's funny, because they've never experienced anything like that (and thus can't imagine how anyone would). They regularly write statuses about how much they miss the country or certain dishes. Careful...anything you say about living abroad is countered heavily with their very one-sided experience. 

The Never Been Expat

This person is not an expat and never has been, but is obsessed with a specific country. Sometimes it can be particularly weird if it is the country you live in. They may have been once or twice, but despite the fact that they've never lived there, they've got serious opinions on the food, politics, film, television and celebrity gossip. They spend their weekends in specialty shops searching for that elusive candy bar they had on vacation to the country of their obsession once.

The Partier 

This person came abroad for two things: booze and sex. Whatever job or study program they're in is just secondary to getting loaded and sleeping with as many different people as possible. They'll always try to drag you out to the latest club, even when that is so not your thing. They've also never been to or heard of most of the museums or cultural centers in your town because they'd rather not waste a minute on something that isn't to do with partying and sex. Who was that famous composer and author your city is known for? They have no freaking idea, and they don't even care.

What other kinds of expats have you met on your time abroad?

New Body Shop Products

The Body Shop was kind enough to send me some of their new products to try out, and I am so excited to share them with you. First up, we have the Virgin Mojito Body Splash and Body Sorbet, both of which hit stores on June 2 (in addition to body butter in the line). It smells exactly like a mojito, definitely super summery and a great pick to get you through those hot summer days.

The Sorbet on my hand
I was also given this new Vitamin C moisturizer, one to go on your face after you apply serum and one that goes on after your make-up and serves as make-up as well (the one on the right). It is the last step in your daily routine and can be reapplied throughout the day to keep your skin glowing. The one on the left, called The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser retails for £16 and the one on the right, The Body Shop Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer retails for £14.

Lastly, I received the three products in their new honey bronze line, which I am really excited to try. I am absolutely unable to tan (I just turn into a lobster) so this will be a great way to give my pasty little legs some definition. One product is for your cheeks, which is fabulous, since my bronzer is forever breaking, one is for giving some color to your face and the last for your legs. Apparently it is fool-proof....and I sure hope they are right!

Honey Bronze Highlight Domes £8
Honey Bronze Tinted Leg Mist £15
Honey Bronze Face Gel £13

I also can't forget my assistant for the photo shoot, my dog, Eugene:

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