4 Summer Trends that Will Carry You Through to Fall [Guest Post]

Whether you follow the current trends or lean more towards the timeless route, getting more miles out of your clothes is almost always a good thing. What’s great is that many of the popular SS 2016 runway trends will also work surprisingly well for fall and winter. The idea is to focus on collecting a few statement pieces that you can easily mix and match with warm or cool weather staples. For example, when you could wear a tank, you may also be able to wear a sweater; or when you could be bare legged, you could also wear tights. Below, I'll offer some examples and advice on how to make summer trends also work for fall.

The Bomber Jacket

Originally a piece intended for pilots that has evolved into a classic fashion staple, the bomber jacket is one piece of menswear that has a fluid appeal. You could always borrow your boyfriend’s, or you can simply score one of your own. Whatever you decide, though, a jacket like those seen on Lyst should definitely be on the top of your must-have trend list this summer. Not only is it a great piece for pairing with the unexpected items, like cocktail dresses, but it will also carry you seamlessly into the fall and winter months. Choose something with a sheen to achieve a dressier look, or opt for leather when you want to add a little edginess to your ensemble.

The Gingham Print

Seen at Victoria Beckham’s SS 2016 show, this checkerboard pattern, reminiscent of picnics and summer, could double as this fall’s plaid. From skirts and trousers, to blazers and handbags, all it takes is swapping out warm weather basics for those that hold up better to cooler temps. For example, an A-line gingham print skirt would look just a great with a tucked-in fitted tank and strappy heels for summer office attire as it would with a scoop-neck long-sleeve sweater, tights, and closed toe pumps.

The Track Pant

Go on, Girl, wear those track pants to the market, to the airport, to the coffee shop, and everywhere else but the gym. In fact, Refinery29 can vouch for the celebrity appeal of the athleisure look that has caught on like wildfire and probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Thanks to its comfy and easy nature, sporting workout gear to take care of daily tasks is a great summer-to-fall trend. Right now, pair your track pants with a crop top or sports bra, and in the winter with an ultra-hip hoodie.

The Rucksack Purse

Yes, this 1990s blast from the past is back, but in a very sophisticated way. According to the trend spotters at Glamour, this new and improved look includes rich materials, like leather, and preppy details like buckles, two-tone colors, and monogramming. Snatch up one of these carry-alls in a neutral colour like cream, tan, or black, so you can wear it with shorts and sneakers in the summer just as well as you can with your skinny jeans and sweaters. These are especially great for those of you who are still students because they can double as a way to carry supplies to class in addition to your lipgloss and other necessities.

With a few simple switches it's easy to transform your look from summer-ready to fall-friendly in a snap. And whether you're a trend follower or not, these fashion tips will will work seamlessly on a spectrum of different tastes.

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Finding My Balance Again

As you may know, the past two years have been incredibly difficult for me. I have been struggling with what I now know to be interstitial cystitis, or painful bladder syndrome, which has been misdiagnosed over and over. I also have some endometriosis, but the painful bladder is what has reigned supreme over my life. It only took four surgeries, 6 hospitalizations and two internal bladder scans to figure it out. Sigh.

It's been a rough road, and often times, my blog took a backseat. And although it's been rough on friendships and my relationship, we've all made it through.

During this time, I think I became a bit disenchanted with blogging. I tried to keep it up, but I often felt frustrated. It became an endless stream of companies gifting me random crap to try out that I didn't have much interest in. I knew I liked to blog about beauty and fashion, but only blogging about that really felt shallow and ultimately, a little silly. I mean, if that's your thing, that's fantastic, but as much as I tried, it wasn't MY thing...and least solely.

Right now I'm easing myself back into blogging, trying to find a happy medium between saying no to people and only accepting products and services I'm going to really need or love. I'm also looking for ways to incorporate fun and frilly posts into more serious things that go on in my life and that I care about without alienating my audience. I don't want to make this blog exclusively about veganism, but it can't be completely left out. I don't want to make it only about beauty, but that can't be ignored either.

We'll see how this all goes, but I'm looking forward to my new journey, one where I'm a little more relaxed about blogging and excited to see where it takes me!

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Hamsa Happiness Boutique and 10% Off

Happiness Boutique in Berlin recently gifted me this gorgeous Hamsa necklace that I can't wait to wear out. The reason why I picked this, out of all of the others, is that the Hamsa is one of my favorite symbols. It reflects my Jewish/Sephardic heritage, as the Hamsa is a symbol of warding off the evil eye. It is also popular in both Jewish and Muslim art, which to me, adds much needed unity to two groups who are often at odds.

Happiness Boutique has been kind enough to gift my readers 10% off by using the code annainwonderland on their site until July 18! Go grab yourself something pretty!

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