It's Happened, Ladies and Gents...

I have bitten the bullet and published The Remnants. 

To be perfectly honest, I have always had trouble with this one as I never felt like it gelled properly. It has seen so many drafts and so many eyes, and I just decided to bite the bullet and publish it, whether or not it is perfect.

Read the first two chapters (of all my books) here.

I'm not sure if I'm particularly proud of it or not, if I'm honest, but it is up to you to judge now.

Germany has defeated the Allies, won WWII in Europe and cleansed the territory of undesirables. Yet the war in the Far East still wages on. Welcome to the future of Germania.

16-year-old Stella Engel has lived her entire life in a sheltered, but comfortable middle class existence within the Reich where she has made lifelong friends and fostered her love of science. For most of her childhood, she has hoped to grow up to serve the Reich as a doctor. Her high achievements have earned her a place at the annual Eugenics Competition, where only the best and brightest students in science are invited to compete, securing their future in a high ranking medical school. However, her trip is marred when her best friend Pia, and Pia's entire family, suddenly go missing. After searching for her friend to no avail, something even stranger happens: the Eugenics Competition is interrupted by the mass arrest of all of the contestants. They are now under suspicion of carrying "dirty" genes, or the genes of those the Reich has convinced the public have long been eradicated. Stella's mother helps her manage to flee from the SS temporarily, where Stella learns that nothing in the Reich is as it seems; and that includes Stella herself.  

Praise So Far:
"The portrayal of the victorious Germania was excellent, the characters were well rounded and interesting, the story built and built...

I honestly couldn't find a fault.This book has all the makings of a bestseller, I could see it being read and discussed in schools. Really hope there's a book two and soon!"

Grab your copy:
Kindle & Paperback: US -- UK

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Put on Your Easter Bonnet

Champagne truffles inside an Easter Egg!
I've quickly learned that Easter in the UK is all about the chocolate eggs...

Publishing Traditionally vs. Self-Publishing

A little primer reviewing the differences.

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Three Days in Rome Day 3

Day Three was our last day in Rome and we tried to take it easy after our long day of walking (and getting lost) the day before. 

What's On My Bookshelf/Kindle?

Come take a peek at some of my favorites.

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Just, You Know, Giving Away a Canon T5i!

Hey friends!! It's been many months since we've done a camera giveaway here on the blog, and I have had so many people asking when we'll be doing one again that I couldn't wait to stick on on here. There's one big difference with this giveaway from all the others though, and it's that we're not giving away a Rebel T3i today, we're giving away a Canon t5i!
It's an amazing feeling to send off such an amazing camera to one of you guys, knowing what a massive difference it will make for your blog or shop, or just every-day photography in general:) Even better than that though, is introducing so many of you to this group of such lovely shops, and such hard-working and inspiring woman! I can't tell you how relationships online have influenced my life for the better, so make sure to take a minute and go say hi!
 The Freckled Fox  | Sandy A La Mode |  The Lovebug Collection |  Oddly Lovely
Anna in Wonderland   |  Treelined Avenue   |   The Trish List  |   Fizz & Frosting
Dressing Dallas      |     Emma Cristy      |     Hello Rigby     |     Dottie Box
All of Life's Little Adventures   |  Missy Sue   |   Helene In Between  |  Cassidy Lou
Friday We're in Love  |  Metal Marvels  |   A Labour of Life   |   Simply Alli
Afternoon Espresso   |   Poverty Luxe   |   Uncustomary Art   |   East Willow Grove
I'm so privileged to have the support of such an awesome group! There are so many involved because we wanted to amp up the prize package, so settle in with a favorite beverage or snack and don't miss out on any of the many entries! You never know which one could be the winning pick!! Here we go:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A couple specs about the giveaway:
- the giveaway will run for ten days after which the winner will be selected at random, contacted, and announced via this post, the post of the day, and all social media outlets! Please check all those places before asking weeks later who won? :)
- Again this is open internationally! hooray!
The winner will receive the Canon Rebel T5i in a kit with an 18-135mm lens, a battery and a battery charger, camera case, tripod, SD card, lens cleaner, and lens hood:) 
- Winner's entry will be verified before the public announcement.

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Three Days in Rome Day 2

Our second day in Rome was a bit more on the ancient side, although we ended up spending most of the day walking. I'm exhausted thinking about how far we got...

Three Days in Rome Day 1

Last week, Luke and I had a little getaway in Rome, Italy (just in case you were confused with the one in Georgia...)
The Vatican Museum

Swapping Beauty Products with A Journey East

Today LJ of A Journey East and I swapped beauty products. Come see what she got me in my video. 

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Miniature Bedroom Tour

I've finally gotten our bedroom to look just the way I want it to, so I thought I would show you a little bit of it. Let me know if you want to know where any of the items are from.

Beauty on YouTube: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This is a long one, so grab yourself a snack (or five) and come watch me dish all of my secrets about things like dealing with haters, MCNs, etc. 

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Dutch Make-Up

While I was in Amsterdam, I got to pick up some Dutch (and German) make-up from a brand I used to use when I lived there called Catrice and one from the HEMA beauty store. HEMA, for those of you not familiar, is a store that sells all of its own brand, but sells a little bit of everything (like Target, Tesco, K-Mart, etc.). I haven't delved too much into their beauty products, but since I was doing a swap with A Journey East (more to come on that later), I thought I would pick some things up. Of course I ended up getting some stuff for myself. 

Here are my little goodies (not the best photo, I know!):
From bottom to top: Catrice Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm in Sheer Your Mind!
Catrice Pure Shimmer Highlighter
HEMA Duo Eyeshader Pencil in 4H1/19

Huge Make-Up and Clothing Haul! Come Check it Out!

Come see what I bought!

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A Few Days in Amsterdam

Last week, I spent 4 days in Amsterdam, one of my favorite cities in the world.

A Doggone Great Spring Giveaway with Barkbeats!

Remember that awesome Barkbeats box Eugene got a couple weeks back? Well, three of you are going to win March's box for your little pooches, which is sure to be awesome.

Here's how to enter:
1. Visit Barkbeats and Anna in Wonderland on Facebook
2. Answer a 3 question survey:

Giveaway closes March 20.

If you can't wait, use code SPRING to get £5 off your first Barkbeats Box.

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iPad Mini 3 Giveaway!

Welcome to the iPad mini 3 16GB Wi-Fi Giveaway!

We've joined forces with an amazing group of bloggers to bring you this fabulous giveaway. One lucky person will win an iPad mini 3 16GB Wi-Fi, valued at $399.

"We made iPad mini small. We made it fast. We made it incredibly capable. And now we made it even better. With advancements like Touch ID and iOS 8, and a new gold finish, there?s even more about iPad mini to love." [View Full Product Details at Apple]

Enter for a chance to win an iPad mini 3 16GB Wi-Fi.

Complete the tasks below to earn entries into this giveaway.
Refer your friends to earn even more chances to win.
Open Worldwide.
Ends at 11:59pm ET on March 17th, 2015.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Brittney Lee Saunders' NKD Range Review

What I think about Brittney's NKD Range!

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