Friday, March 20, 2015

Three Days in Rome Day 1

Last week, Luke and I had a little getaway in Rome, Italy (just in case you were confused with the one in Georgia...)
The Vatican Museum
The wish I made in the Trevi Foundation to return to Rome in 2006 came true this year and I got to return with Luke! In 2006, I went to Rome during my study abroad program in Grenoble, France (where I caught the travel bug!), but I was so ill that my vacation was just....not fun. I fell in love with Rome and knew I had to come back when I felt better. I'm still not at 100%, but this trip was much nicer than the one before.

On our first day, we visited the Vatican and St. Peter's Square, which ended up taking all day. The next day, I woke up with sore legs, no joke. Here are some highlights from our day (and note to self, I really need to take a photography class)....

Ancient Roman floors.
This woman's face cracked me up.

St. Peter's Basilica
I couldn't really get many other clear shots in St. Peter's, which is why I feel like I need a photography course or two. I, obviously didn't do the inside justice at all with this photo, which is the only one I was able to get clearly.

Although I'm not Catholic, I did go to Catholic school and my paternal grandparents were very devout (being Polish and Irish and all)--but still it was very interesting to see....especially a place with so much freaking history. I also watched the entire Borgia series (not the HBO one, the other one) in between my two Roman visits, so that made it even more interesting. 

Have you visited the Vatican? Do you have a favorite picture you took there or what was your favorite spot?

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  1. We spent four days in Rome in 2007. We didn't end up taking many photos in the Vatican because I think we were both so overwhelmed by the beauty and the crowds. I think my favorite picture was one we asked a stranger to take of us because it captured that moment. We had it made into a ceramic photo ornament and I love re-living the moment each year when I hang it on our christmas tree. I don't know if the link will work here but....

    We had just learned that the Red Sox won the world series moments before and my husband couldn't have been happier.

  2. Awww what I lovely picture! Is this in St. Peter's Basilica? xx

  3. I didn't know you studied abroad in Grenoble! I've always wanted to travel to that part of France.

    I have been to the Vatican 3 times, twice in High School and once when I studied abroad in Turin, Italy. I also went to Catholic school and am Polish and Irish. Being raised Catholic, I feel really at home and find a lot of peace at the Vatican despite how huge and opulent it is.

    My favorite spot is from the dome. It's a long climb and gets a little claustrophobic toward the top as the walls narrow and slant. But once you step outside, the view is amazing.

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