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Have you recently self-published a book or are thinking about it? Are you unsure how you'll sell your book to anyone other than family and friends or are your sales numbers low? In this class, you'll learn how to make your self-published book a bestseller with Amazon bestselling author author Anna Scanlon. There will be an emphasis on fiction books in this course, but any author can take the course and benefit from it.

-Tips for writing a great book
-Free and/or cheap marketing strategies
-How to make a professional looking cover on the cheap without any Photoshop skills
-Increasing your sales without spending money
-Smart ways to use your budget/when to cut corners and when to spend
-Formatting for free
-Creating a paperback version of your book for POD (print on demand)
-Correct use of metadata 
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 Help Your Students Learn About the Holocaust

When most people think about the Holocaust, they ask why and how such an event could occur in a "civilized" country in modern times--particularly a genocide with such scope and handled with such precision. This course covers the how and why the Holocaust happened, touching on the key events, perpetrators and dates of the period. As this is an overview course, various in depth topics will be saved for future courses. Some of the course will also be student-led, meaning topics students would like to discuss will be brought up during Live Sessions. 

This course is self-paced, making it ideal for those who have work, school or family commitments that may make it difficult to keep up with another course layout. 

The class is tailored for non-historians or people without an extensive working knowledge of WWII or the Holocaust. 

Read about my credentials for teaching this course here, on my LinkedIn.

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