5 Incredibly Last Minute and Totally Simple Halloween Costume Ideas

Well, shit. Halloween's here and you've totally forgotten about it/have no idea what the heck you're going to be. Here are 5 incredibly simple last minute ideas for you:

1. Tom Cruise in Risky Business

Even if you haven't exactly seen the film, you've totally seen this scene:

A button down shirt, a pair of tube socks, shorts for an inch of modesty and you're done.

2. Error 404 Page

Despite looking, cannot find source. If anyone knows, please let me know!

Oh crap, that party was today? Get a plain white T and write, "ERROR 404: Costume Not Found." Done.

3. Senior Citizen

Strap on your best sweater and long skirt combo, or your slippers and robe with curlers in your hair. Don't forget the copious pearls and smeared lipstick. Points if you add some temporary silver dye to your hair.

4. Grapes

Photo credit: here

Go to the Dollar Store or Poundland and get some purple or green balloons. Blow them up and stick them to your shirt. Just don't go near anyone else all night or you might scare the living crap out of them when one of them pops.

5. 50 Shades of Grey 

Photo credit: PopSugar

No, you don't have to go around doing bondage all night. Instead, pick up some shades of grey samples from your local hardware store and glue or pin them on a grey shirt. Bonus if you also paint your face various shades of grey.

What are you going to be this year?

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  1. Cute ideas! Risky Business is always a popular one.

  2. Thanks! What are you going to be this year? x

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