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Friday, October 16, 2015

Taking on the Tiger at Tiger Tiger's Haymarket Kitchen

Tiger Tiger near Leicester Square, has completely revamped their menu and in celebration invited myself and several bloggers along to give it a whirl. The evening started off with this gorgeous Passion Fruit cocktail, which went down a little too smooth--but that's partly because I'm a bit of lightweight. (I'm so much of a lightweight that I was a little tipsy just after this one).

We were then given the signature Ultimate Tiger Meal with their Tiger Tower Burger, served with Jack Daniels, chips (or fries for my American readers) and coleslaw. This burger isn't just an ordinary burger though...its stacked. Like...stacked.

This gives a better view of it. Three battered onion rings, chicken breast, bacon, cheese, a beef patty and chilli sauce. I'm admittedly more of a picker, so this was difficult for me to finish, although it was delicious. It was one of those things where it feels like you're eating for days and you've barely scratched the surface.

For dessert, we were given these American pancakes with ice cream (sorry for the blurry photo, I was too wrapped up in my conversation with Sophie from Story of a Girl Who Lives Above Her Means). Although I had never had American pancakes with ice cream (for you non-Americans, that's not actually a thing--French or Dutch pancakes, totally. American, no), but it was pretty good, though I was absolutely stuffed full from my attempt at the burger.

If you book a table soon, you can get a complimentary cocktail or beer, so scurry on over!

Tiger Tiger's The Haymarket Kitchen
29 Haymarket

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  1. Lovely to chew your ear off the the other week. I think I might still be full from that burger!

    1. It was my pleasure! We should get together again if you're free sometime! xx

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