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Monday, October 5, 2015

Upgrading a Room with Wallpaper

The lovely folks at Graham & Brown are helping us celebrate National Wallpaper Week by giving us enough wallpaper to redo one of our rooms. As we've been dying to redo a room that was used exclusively as storage, this was a totally welcome gift!

I created this mood board to match the wallpaper I chose, which is the Calico Grey. Because we have both men and women living in our house, I wanted to make sure it was neutral, yet still reflected the mood of calm, tranquil and peaceful. If I had an unlimited budget, the room on the bottom right is exactly what the room would look like.

I will keep you updated as the room progresses and I will include some snaps as we go!

Copper "&" Symbol- Oliver Bonas
Rose Bouquet- Marks and Spencer 

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  1. Oliver Bonas do some incredible items, I could spend all day in that shop/on their website! I love everything you've got pictured in this post, theyre all so pretty! x
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