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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Joules Milton Keynes Store Opening

Joules recently contacted me to let me know that not only were they opening a store up in Milton Keynes, but that they were giving me all sorts of goodies to celebrate. Gearing up for the fall season, I was happy to accept all of their generous gifts. It was also an extra treat to go to an event in Milton Keynes as most of the time I have to travel down to London for any kind of event.

So, let's get down to the goodies first! Some of them Joules allowed me to pick out myself, and others were given to me. But I absolutely am in love with all of them. And I needed a new wallet as well...

I picked up this lovely wallet from their current season, which is real leather and a perfect replacement for my current wallet that was falling apart.

Their PR company gifted me this gorgeous coin purse (also real leather!) and the scarf pictured above, which is going to be perfect for those chilly autumn days.

I also let myself loose on their mid-season sale rack. Joules is well-known for their wellies, which are their signature pieces. Their sale section had tons of cute ones, which were all in ONLY just my size (if that's not a sign, I'm not sure what is). Sometimes it pays to have tiny circus feet. After thinking long and hard, I decided to get some more fun wellies than just the basic black or navy ones I'd usually get and settled on this pair. 

I was also eyeing up a new bed for Eugene anyway, and when I discovered Joules sold pet products, that was it. Euge was having this one, no questions asked. Pictured, is the large. Even though Eugene is a medium sized dog (about 10kgs), their beds are made for both cats and dogs so I figured I should go a bit bigger. And lo and behold, it is absolutely perfect for him. He loves cuddling up with his blanket, now that the days have turned colder, and looking out the window. 

The store itself is gorgeous. I didn't take my blogging camera because sometimes stores aren't so keen on you taking photos of it, but since they did invite me as a blogger, I should have known. I wish I had stayed a bit longer as after I left there was some music--but my lupus pain was really acting up and I wasn't in the party mood (which is a real shame as I wish I had stayed longer).

At any rate, they are running a contest where you can design your own wellies and the winner will win a £5,000 vacation. Of course I entered! My "winning" design is pictured above, though I've never had much of an eye for visual art.

These guys were near the dressing rooms and are too cute!

There were even cupcakes to be had for all of the customers. Yum!

Joules of Milton Keynes is located in the centre:mk, near Jigsaw and Jamie's Italian. The best part is that they're open til 8pm every day!

Joules Milton Keynes
11 Silbury Boulevard
Milton Keynes

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  1. Joules is one of my absolute favourite stores - I originally found them through horse riding, but now I love them for all their fashion and accessories, and even homeware! I really like the scarf and purse you got, and of course the wellies!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  2. What a fun place!

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