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Thursday, October 8, 2015

How to Make a Stir Fry in 15 Minutes

This wok was made in 15 minutes. Okay, okay, it was made by celebrity chef Jeremy Pang--but with his kit I was able to actually recreate this at home. It maybe took me 16 or 17 minutes, only because I've literally never cooked chicken before. Like, I had to Google how to marinate and cook through chicken. So I was completely shocked when the final product turned out not only edible, but actually really good.

No one ever wants to admit their mother was right. Growing up, my mother nagged me to learn how to sew and cook. Being the staunch feminist (and perhaps also a bit lazy) that I was, I refused. Now that I'm quite a bit older (and wiser) I firmly regret this, though with Jeremy's help I was able to go from freaking out about cutting up chicken to making a pretty tasty chow mein.

Let's start at the beginning. It all started when Luke and I were invited to watch Jeremy debut his new noodle kit.  At the Covent Garden based School of Wok. 

Here is the magic man himself, Jeremy, proudly posing outside his cooking school. At first I was a little skeptical, because he IS a master chef.

We were ushered inside where after a couple of rounds of Diet Coke, Jeremy took us back for the live demonstration. Secretly, I was hoping for the Pad Thai, because that is pretty much my favorite thing ever, and I got lucky as that's what he was showing us how to make.

Here he is cutting up shrimps (prawns in British) like a boss. I'm not brave enough to use that cleaver type thing for my meat. 

The finishing touches.
The Pad Thai, as pictured in the first photo, was fabulous. I ate two little bowls of it and Luke's (as he's not a huge fan of sweet food). After a bit more socialising, we were sent on our way with a goodie bag with two wok kits. It was all good and well to watch Jeremy do it, but was I going to succeed?

After letting them sit for a few days, I went to the store and bought the ingredients to try the Chow Mein Kit we were given (it is available at select Tesco stores, but not on the website, unfortunately). All I needed, really, was some chicken, carrots and beansprouts.

I assembled my food (in a very bad photo, sorry.)

And then set out to slice the carrots, soak the noodles and mushrooms in warm water and cut the chicken. After rubbing the marinade on it, I cooked chicken by myself for the very first time.

Boom! (I know it's a bit pathetic...)

I was going to try to take pictures of the rest of the process, but being on my own made it difficult as the stir fry itself is very fast paced and takes less than 5 minutes to cook once all of your ingredients are ready.

Although the end result doesn't look as appetising as Jeremy's, it was still delicious:

If I can do it, anyone can, seriously.

You can buy the wok kits exclusively at select Tesco stores around the UK, or online. 

Thank you to School of Wok for providing us with the free kits and demonstration. 

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  1. Yum! I think it looks really tasty!

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