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Monday, November 9, 2015

Grow Your Instagram One-on-One Sessions

Instagram is the social media of the future, even if you believe the Essena ONeill quitting Instagram hype. More brands are using it, more readers are using it as a tool to connect to bloggers, and 300 million users are interacting through the app each month (that's more than Twitter, guys). Not only will it give your readers a glimpse into your life when you're not blogging, but a larger and more engaged following can convert to more page views and lead to paid opportunities with brands.  

Believing the hype, I decided to grow my Instagram and went from 600 followers in mid-July and am now over 11,400 today without buying followers or likes (and doing that would just hurt your brand anyway!). This, I admit, is incredible growth and actually much faster than I even expected. But that doesn't mean that you can't do it as well.

So, do you want to grow your Instagram the way I did?

You can take tons of classes on Instagramming, of course. And you'll learn valuable tools and tips of the trade and maybe even grow your following. However, what I'm offering you is something different.

Instead of a class, I will sit down with you one-on-one to look at your Instagram's problem areas and what tools you can use to get ahead. I will create an actionable plan with you to ensure you've got your best game going forward. If this proves to be popular, I'll make this a mainstay on my blog--and the prices will definitely rise, so get in now!

Here's what you get for your one time fee (although quoted in GBP, I accept all currencies, it will just be converted into GBP):

Silver- £15
-Review of your Instagram feed with diagnosed problem areas via email.
-An action plan to move your Instagram and brand forward.
-Three follow up emails for clarification.
-Optional one month later check-in for further tweaks and fixes.

Gold- £25 
-Review of your Instagram feed and diagnose problem areas via a 15 minute Skype or telephone (telephone US, Canada and UK only) session.
-An actionable plan for you to follow, to be sent via email.
-Unlimited follow up emails
-Up to three check-ins to tweak your plan of action.



I've Booked, Now What?
Please fill out this form so we can be in touch. GOLD SESSIONS BEGIN NOVEMBER 20. SILVER SESSIONS BEGIN RIGHT AWAY.


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  1. What an amazing growth in such a short time period!

    1. Thanks Rachel! x

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