Dinner in the Air

Last week, Luke and I had the lovely fortune of participating in the Travelex blogger campaign, where they gave expat bloggers a cash passport to enjoy a day out in London. Having already had tickets for the Book of Mormon that afternoon, we decided on an experience we've never done: lunch at Oblix in The Shard.

Although it may be a cliche experience, definitely something to tick off the bucket list!

The restaurant itself is 32 feet in the air, with the view being one of its main selling points--although the food was amazing as well. As you can see above, I got the duck with mango chutney (I did explain in my plant based diet video that I would be eating meat and dairy every now and then, and this was definitely a special occasion!), which was absolutely extraordinary. Luke settled for the lamb chops, which were definitely extraordinary.

We also treated ourselves to some very yummy cocktails as little apertifs.

I finished off my meal with this fantastic brownie sundae, which I definitely didn't finish, but LOOK AT IT. SO GOOD. 

This was the view from our table. Unbeatable.

As far as the Travelex cash passport goes, it was really simple and convenient, however you really have to use it in the currency of the country you're in. Being an American, I was given American currency to use in the UK and we ended up getting whacked with a £5, which evidently applies every time you use the card. That adds up quick, so only use the card in the currency you've purchased it in!

I did manage to vlog the day out, though be warned, Luke looks like he's would be having more fun getting a root canal. He is very embarrassed about vlogging in a public place! So no, he doesn't hate me, no, he's not having a bad time, he's just super embarrassed!

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