NuSkin Galacial Mask Review

A NuSkin distributor very kindly asked me if I wanted to try any of their products, and I accepted with the Glacial Marine Mud mask. I've always been kind of curious about this product, so since she was offering, I decided to give it a go.

Firstly, unfortunately, it did arrive looking very dirty and like it had been through the wringer already. However, it was a totally new bottle, so I decided to judge it by the contents of its character.

Evidently, this product is great for people with oily skin, as it helps get all the oil off and kind of sucks it all up into the mask.

I gave it a try after a long day of work, when all I wanted to do was shower and then curl up with a new episode of some trashy TV, dinner and put on a face mask, so it was a great way to relax.

So here I am with the mask on. After it dries, it does leave your face feeling a bit stiff and it is hard to move it....kind of like a real housewife who has had too much collagen.

Here is what it looks like on your skin close up. NuSkin distributors claim that the mask gets in your pores, but I'm not 100% convinced that's the case. Is it just drying around your pores or really going in them? I don't know a ton about the science of skin care, so maybe someone can enlighten me. Either way, you get to see how big and offensive your pores are, which is, you know, fun.

Then I washed it off.

Honestly, I can't see a huge change in my skin from it, though it is always nice to do a little mask every now and then. But, to be completely honest, I wouldn't say that it is totally worth the £25 price tag. It will last a while, so if you see benefits from it, I guess that's a good aspect of it...a little bit goes a long way and you can't really do it more than once a week as it feels a bit harsh on your skin after that. But...well, I dunno.

I'm left not feeling overwhelmed or underwhelmed. Just whelmed.

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