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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's Happened, Ladies and Gents...

I have bitten the bullet and published The Remnants. 

To be perfectly honest, I have always had trouble with this one as I never felt like it gelled properly. It has seen so many drafts and so many eyes, and I just decided to bite the bullet and publish it, whether or not it is perfect.

Read the first two chapters (of all my books) here.

I'm not sure if I'm particularly proud of it or not, if I'm honest, but it is up to you to judge now.

Germany has defeated the Allies, won WWII in Europe and cleansed the territory of undesirables. Yet the war in the Far East still wages on. Welcome to the future of Germania.

16-year-old Stella Engel has lived her entire life in a sheltered, but comfortable middle class existence within the Reich where she has made lifelong friends and fostered her love of science. For most of her childhood, she has hoped to grow up to serve the Reich as a doctor. Her high achievements have earned her a place at the annual Eugenics Competition, where only the best and brightest students in science are invited to compete, securing their future in a high ranking medical school. However, her trip is marred when her best friend Pia, and Pia's entire family, suddenly go missing. After searching for her friend to no avail, something even stranger happens: the Eugenics Competition is interrupted by the mass arrest of all of the contestants. They are now under suspicion of carrying "dirty" genes, or the genes of those the Reich has convinced the public have long been eradicated. Stella's mother helps her manage to flee from the SS temporarily, where Stella learns that nothing in the Reich is as it seems; and that includes Stella herself.  

Praise So Far:
"The portrayal of the victorious Germania was excellent, the characters were well rounded and interesting, the story built and built...

I honestly couldn't find a fault.This book has all the makings of a bestseller, I could see it being read and discussed in schools. Really hope there's a book two and soon!"

Grab your copy:
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  1. So exciting! This sounds incredible fascinating. I will definitely need to check it out!

    1. Thanks! I hope you enjoy it! xx

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