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Friday, May 1, 2015

Lupus Flare Supply Kit

When I'm having a lupus flare, there are a fair few things I like to have with me at all times. Since this past year has been one non-stop lupus flare, I'm going to share with you some of my favorite things that have gotten me my usual symptoms!

Sore Throat
Every time I flare, I have a sore throat. I have no idea why or what the reasoning is, but boy is it crappy. Here are my best ways for dealing:

1) Popsicles/Ice lollies
This is the cheapest, most effective way, even if it isn't the healthiest. The cold soothes my throat, even though I've heard people say that it isn't good for you (I have no idea why!). It helps numb the pain and lessen the effects of the soreness. I also grind my teeth a lot, so popsicles are a great way to ice your jaw from the outside in.

2) Ice Cream
Not the best habit to get in to, but ice cream also works the same way as the popsicles. Ben and Jerry's is my favorite way to go (can't beat good old fashioned Cookie Dough, can you?), but you can't get too greedy if you want to also keep your weight in check!

3) Throat Numbing Spray
This works the best when your throat is on fire and you can hardly speak. It is sold under the moniker of "sore throat spray" or "oral relief" ("Comfortably Numb" spray is something totally don't go for that unless you're a porn star....though it may totally work out!), though we all know it just numbs your throat.

4) Aloe Coating
Aloe vera has tons of healing properties and swallowing this aloe gelly by Forever Living (click here if you are from the US) helps coat your throat and relieve pain. Swallowing aloe may feel weird at first, but it is pretty good, actually.

5) Smoothies 
A great HEALTHY alternative to ice cream to help heal your throat. 

1) A comfy bed and pillows
Sometimes that's all you can ask for when you've got a really bad flare going on.

2) Netflix
Again, sometimes this is all we can ask for.
I haven't found a way to curb fatigue when I'm really flaring, so if any of you have any tips and tricks, I would love to hear about them.

Joint and Muscle Pain

1) Ice packs
Ice packs and/or frozen peas work wonders when your joints aren't feeling their best. I like to use these for my big joints.

2) Heating Lotion
 Putting heating lotion/heat packs on your joints can also provide relief. When my muscles are especially sore, I put heat lotion by Forever Living  [click here if you are from the USA] (Forever Living is the shit for lupus patients--and I've just discovered them through a friend...I haven't tried everything so I am only recommending what has worked for me so far) and then jump in the bath.

3) Tennis Balls
It sounds silly, but boy do those tennis balls get those knots out of your back and neck. It doesn't feel great at first, but your muscles feel phenomenal afterward. You can try it against a wall or lying down. If you really want to get your muscles dug into, try one of these spiky massage balls.

What are your secret weapons for combating lupus?

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  1. Sounds very similar to my flares. I also get sore throats every time, I should try one of those treatments! Mine is usually my bed, a warm blanket and Netflix or the SNL app on my phone so I can be distracted with laughter.

    1. Definitely! I am so into Orange is the New Black. I watch them all at once though, so not so helpful during a flare.

      Do you mind telling me how you got to this article? My page is literally blowing up and it is just saying people are coming from the ol' Facebook! xx

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