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Monday, July 13, 2015

OMG Shoes! A Shoe Lover's Paradise

For those of you expecting a Travel Tuesday post today, I'm afraid you'll have to wait until next week because I have something much more pressing to talk to you about: my new pairs of shoes! These (as a lot of the new things I'll be showing on my blog) were purchased over time, but I am getting my wiggles out and showing them all right now. Ready?

Exhibit A:

These babies are from Ted Baker's autumn collection. After wearing out my £5 ballet flats from H&M (best purchased ever, by the way), I decided I needed to invest in some sturdy black ballet flats for work. Since I'm commuting to London, I needed something that didn't hurt my feet when I walked too far, hence the investment in a pair of name brand shoes. They are, indeed, quite comfortable.

At £65, they are pricey, but I hope they will turn out to be worth it.

If you are interested, they are the Imme Ballet Pumps.

And now a few foot model shots (I actually auditioned to be a foot model once, but was told my feet weren't a "good fit." Fun fact). Be warned that I am offensively pale.

How cute is that box with the quote?!

My next purchase is from ASOS. I had to pick these up because they are different from the usual run-of-the-mill flats. They look a bit like Irish ghillies (the shoes Irish dancers wear) which makes them all the more interesting to try to mix into outfits.

You can pick them up from ASOS for £28. 

I have to confess that in the next few pictures, I am wearing "leg make-up" to try and remedy my white skin. I've been wearing it because my legs look all patchy and weird from some of the circulation problems I have with lupus, but I'm not sure I love the look of it. To me it looks very Geordie Shore. I've adjusted the photos a bit to take the edge off so it doesn't look AS BAD as it was.

My last pair are the Jessica Simpson Mandalaye shoes, which retail for $69 (USD). Although I haven't found them at a store here in the UK, you can still have them shipped over here without too much fuss. And because they reminded me of pointe shoes, I absolutely had to have them (I spent much of my early life as a dancer and going en pointe was one of my biggest achivements for my 12-year-old self!).

Now, I have been wearing these quite a bit so I didn't photograph them without my feet due to the fact that they already have some wear in them. But I did some alternate photographs:

 Had to have a photo of a pathetic attempt at demi-pointe!

They are so comfortable that they are fast becoming one of my staple shoes. Being a nude-y/pink-y color, they go with pretty much everything.

What are your favorite shoes for the summer? x

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  1. Loved the black flats! You can't go wrong with basic flats

    1. Thanks! Yeah I thought so as well! xx

  • The Ted Baker pumps are so pretty! Love them, you were right to buy them :D
    I also love the other two pairs, but there's something I don't quite like so much about pointy shoes - always afraid they'd make my feet look huge haha.

    Julia xx
    | |

    1. Hahaha I hear you. My feet are tiny anyway so I can use the extra room! xx

  • These are all so cute, but I especially love the ballet ones... Adorbs! I hate it, I can't even shop for shoes anymore because of my stupid foot problems. I have a whole closet full of shoes I may never get to wear again. *cries*

    1. Oh no! What happened to your foot? x

  • Sydney Fashion HunterJuly 15, 2015 at 1:04 PM

    Love the black flats! I host a fashion link up every week and I'd love you to stop by and join in :)

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