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Monday, September 7, 2015

Peronal Micoderm Tool Review

Recently, I was sent the PMD Personal Microderm kit. This lovely little tool comes with everything you see above--including a PMD tool, six different microdermabrasion "sanders", a plug and several different plug "heads" so you can conveniently travel with it. As someone who goes to mainland Europe and the US often, this is absolutely perfect for me.

Having never used microdermabrasion, and pretty aware that I am starting my descent into aging (I am in my early 30s, afterall!) I thought this would be a fabulous product to try. I have never had professional microdermabrasion, but evidently one treatment costs about the same as the product (or £135). You'll get several more treatments out of the PMD, though the company is upfront about the fact that it isn't built to last forever and you will need replacement parts.

This is the main tool that you'll use, the meat and potatoes, if you will.

PMD gives you several "sanders" to choose from, each in varying intensities. They suggest you start off with the lightest, as you never know how your skin is going to react to being "sanded." You can go more "intense" to take off even more dead skin.

The little suction cup pulls your skin up, getting it closer to the sander just a little bit at a time. It doesn't hurt, but it can sting a little bit, especially if you accidentally go over the same area more than a couple of times.

So what's the verdict? This is a great little tool! Unfortunately, I still have pretty oily skin, so it didn't work as well as it could on me. Before you do it, you have to ensure your skin is both dry and free of any oils or lotions. However, for me, this proved extremely difficult because my skin is virtually never completely free of oil. But, I will be keeping this around so that as I see more spots on my face that may be troubling, I can nip them in the bud! After seeing some amazing results online, I am definitely on board with continuing and seeing the results.

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