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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Clinique Anti-Redness Powder Review & Test

As many of you know, I struggle with redness on my face, particularly when my lupus is kind of bad. In need of new face powder anyway, I purchased the Clinique Redness Solution (£26) pressed powder to see if it could actually get a handle of my red nose, cheeks and chin. And I decided to put it to the test for you guys.

This is my blank canvas. As you can see, I've got lots of redness on my nose, chin and cheeks (and horrible eyebrows when not filled in). So...let's see how we can fix this up...

First, I rubbed on some Smashbox Color Corrector (£26).

Then placed some Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer  (£5) on my problem areas.

I then blended it in with my concealer brush.

I then applied my foundation, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua (£33).

And blended it in with my foundation brush.

And then I used the main event.

And now the finished product with all of my make-up on.

What do you think? Do you think it covered my redness well? I feel like it's done a good job, but the real test will be to see how long it can last on my face during the day. Have any of you had an experience with it and what did you think?

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  1. I think it did pretty well, like to said the test will be how long it will last. I have never tried any Clinique makeup except for their chubby sticks

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem

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