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Monday, December 7, 2015

5 Super Cheap and Super Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas

I don’t know if you started to decorate your home yet, but today I am going to share a few very fun, easy to make, and super cheap Christmas decoration ideas. I can only bet that you haven’t heard about them before and thus this is why it is so unique and super doable this year. Have fun!

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Get use of those old (or new) season’s greetings
I bet that you have hundreds of holiday cards that you love and didn’t throw away. Now you can use that for your Christmas decorations! All you need to have in addition to those cards is a long string and a few clips or clothespins. Gather all cards and string and hang them whenever you wish for – either on the stairways or over the fireplace. If you have timeworn and vintage cards – the better! It is surely very nice to look at, and the best part is that you won’t spend a penny on that either.

Want snow? Make it!
You can also make a little bit of snow at your house just by using… silver and white gift bows! In fact, looking from a distance these gift bows will look exactly like falling show. And so – you can hang them on a thin string on your windows, over the dinner table, or everywhere else you wish for. But take notice that the smaller bows are, the better. Also, try keeping it in cool colours, to make that snowy look you want.

Gift wrap pillows
Another very fun way to decorate your house for Christmas is to gather all your throw pillows and simply wrap it like a present with festive bows! It is not that hard to make. Especially because many throw pillows are pretty themselves. So just add a few bows on these pillows around the room and enjoy a Christmas look easily!

Biscuit cutters to the rescue!
For a unique and truly cheap decoration idea, you can use the biscuit cutters you used to bake biscuits! Just wrap it, hang it, and enjoy the super cute look! Look for them to be festive – shaped like angels, stars, Christmas trees and so on – you get the idea. Get some colourful and fun ribbons, and wrap it either on the window or just over the fireplace. It will surely be very cute, and surely be very cheap as well.

Go nuts!
And finally, we all know the story about the Nutcracker, so why not use some delicious nuts as a decor element as well? Heaped with walnuts, also bright coloured cranberries, and kumquats, a cylinder vase displays festive flavours and looks amazingly good. You can also place a tall candle and holder inside it, surround with fruits and nuts and enjoy Christmas spirit without spending tons of money! Simple, easy and beautiful to look at! 

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by and written on behalf of Chameleon John. All opinions are, as always, my own.  

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