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Hey all! I thought I'd write an annoyingly long rambly post just checking in with my readers and letting you guys know what's going on in my daily life. Since I usually post content 4 times a week, it must seem a bit sparse for the readers who follow me!

Firstly, Luke and I have moved house! We are in a new little one-bedroom flat with our little dog and are just so happy to be here. Although we had lived in the last house for over two years, there always seemed to be some kind of drama with the housemates, and to be honest, I began to doubt myself a bit as a person. I may go into that later, but as we were constantly being scapegoated/told off for any small mistake, in the last few months, I really felt unwelcome in my own home. (Of course, these are not the people that lived there when we moved in.) Additionally, the house has really fallen into disrepair, to the point of it being unhealthy for anyone to actually live there, so I'm kind of interested to see what happens with it.

Secondly, after moving, I came down with a terrible cold that was so bad I found myself coughing to the point of being physically ill. So after doing all of the heavy lifting with the moving, I've also been doing a lot of sleeping! Phew.

 I have had kind of a rough blow after blow since I've first moved to the UK....but maybe it's just a tough period in my life! At any rate, I did meet Luke and that, of course, makes me incredibly happy.

Sorry for the long rambly post...there will be more bloggy content up shortly. I think with my blog, as well, I set up way too many goals for myself far too quickly. It's great to have high expectations of yourself, but I was getting really upset for not generating 100% of my income off of my blog by now. Really though, I have done quite well without a niche, so instead of getting angry at myself, I should be, instead, happy with what I'm doing!

So there you have it. I have a couple of blog events this week which will put me back into the swing of things...and I will show you sneak peeks of the new place here and there.

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