An Incredibly Unique Valentine's Day Gift

When I was younger, like elementary school age, Valentine's Day was amazing. Even though every kid in class was required to give Valentines to everyone, I still liked the pink and red decorations and the chocolate candies. Although you don't exactly get a day off for it, the little parties we had in class were a good little pick-me-up between the long stretch of barely any days off between Christmas and Easter. (I grew up in the States where the school year is shorter, the summer is longer and we don't have half-term breaks, except for Easter and Christmas.)

As I got older, I think the magic faded away a little bit, mostly because my 20's meant dating some pretty awful dudes. But, this year marks my third (!!!) Valentine's Day with my current boyfriend. If I'm honest, this year feels a little bit rushed in terms of buying him something extra special. First was Christmas, then my mom's birthday, then we moved, then his birthday and now Valentine's Day not even two weeks after his big day!

Suffice to say, that with the move and me quitting my job, I don't have a ton of money to put toward a Valentine's Day gift.

Thankfully, ASDA has me covered (have I ever mentioned how much I love ASDA? Honestly, like half of the stuff in our new house is ASDA!) with the unique and extra special Send Your Heart app. You can download it on Android OR iOS. I downloaded it onto my phone, and within seconds, it takes your heartbeat from your phone's camera (no idea how it does it, but it does!) and matches it with a romantic song to send to your loved one. It's quick, free and easy and a super unique gift I would have never thought of on my own. I was able to seamlessly email my heartbeat to my boyfriend, which was all kinds of adorable.

Honestly, this would be amazing for a parent as well, especially if you have to be away from you baby on Valentine's Day. Because V-Day isn't just about romantic love.

Now, is ASDA going to create a Send Your Heart app so that I can have my dog's heartbeat?

Here's what it looks like in action.

This post was generously sponsored by SheKnows in cooperation with ASDA. 

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