Tips for Drinking 2 Liters of Water Per Day

Drinking two liters of water per day is recommended for healthy hair, skin, nails, bladder and a digestive system in general. I am attempting to get myself up to drinking two liters per day, so I'm going to share some of the things I've been able to do to trick myself into getting it all in.


Measure your water so you can see exactly how much you need to drink per day. The best way to do this is to fill a 2 liter bottle full of water that you either drink out of or pour out of. That way, you can see what you have left and how much you have had.

Add Some Mint

This has probably been the best thing I've done in order to up my water intake. I fill a glass with ice and some live mint (you can purchase a mint plant for pretty cheap at the grocery store) and then just drink it. It gives it a little bit of extra flavor that gives it a taste for something a little more than water.

Fruit Ice Cubes

The night before, freeze some fruit in an ice tray. Pieces of citrus, grapes and chopped up strawberries work particularly well. Fill the tray with water after you put in the fruit and the freeze overnight. Put then in your water to add some fruitiness.


Mash up strawberries, blueberries or raspberry or a mixture and throw them in a glass. Then fill the glass with water and ice. This will give it a little kick!

Rose Water

Add a couple drops of rose water to your glass. This should keep things sweet and satisfying without adding too much extra sugar.

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  1. These are all brilliant ideas, I've never thought of adding mint into my water! I usually go tor a slice of lemon and a slice of lime and some ice cubes, but I'm definitely going to be trying some of these out- I really need to get back into the habit of drinking more water, especially with summer fast approaching

    Sara |

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