Life Lately--An Update

While I don't normally sit here and discuss my day-to-date life, I thought I might as well give you guys a little update on what's been going on with me.

Life has been extremely difficult lately, which is very hard as it is my birthday tomorrow. To say that this constant pain I have hasn't affected every aspect of my life negatively in some way would be a lie. Today, as the sun shines out over the clouds outside, I'm hoping that so will soon be the end of this period of my life.

This constant pain, as you may have listened to in my video, has been on and off for nearing two years. I've had three surgeries, one which found endometriosis, though it wasn't a lot. I've been put through the ringer through the NHS with doctors who don't seem to care about my plight and was even turned away from treatment by a doctor who told me I was wasting the hospital's time.

Still, I am showing clinical signs of certain illnesses that can be managed with proper medication (and sometimes surgical intervention, but I don't care at this point), but the doctors still make me wait, still check things out independently of one another (LIKE HELLO SOMETIMES THEY ARE INTERCONNECTED!) and still act like I'm a burden. Because of this, I have chosen to receive private specialist treatment with people who specialize in this issue and am hoping that will help get everything under control.

I'm having a rare good day today, but to say this illness has not affected every aspect of my life would be impossible: my relationship, my friends, my mental health, this blog, taking forward professional opportunities, money, even my dog not being able to get out as much as he would like now that he feels better. But I am hoping there are warmer days ahead for me.

If you are healthy, cherish it, honestly. It is the greatest gift you can be given.

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