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Friday, December 4, 2015

Grace Bags--Perfect for a Fashionable Tech Lover!

STM, an Australian company, recently reached out to me to showcase some of the products from their gorgeous Grace line--which are absolutely ideal for someone like myself who is constantly transporting their laptop and other electronic goods. The bag, especially, is great because it is padded to hold your laptop without screaming "HELLO I'M A LAPTOP BAG, COME STEAL ME!"

STM gave me three products to try out.

Featured here are the padded MacBook case and the padded iPhone clutch, both of which are great for slipping in to bigger bags. The iPhone clutch slips into a purse quite nicely and easily and comes in four different shades. You can browse here. 

The MacBook case comes in several different colors as well, and you can choose the one that fits your MacBook the best. You can browse that one here, and it also comes in four different shades. It's worth noting that the four different shades you can purchase the bags in are coordinated, so if you wanted, you could totally have a matching array of tech products!

Lastly in the collection is this laptop sleeve that doubles as a purse/handbag. As you can see, the interior is made of super soft suede-like material, which cushions your laptop or iPad and other daily essentials. There's also a little pocket in the front where you can store bits and bobs for your day and also contains a magnetic closure so that you'll never forget to close the bag. You can look it up here, and like the other bags in the collection, it comes in four different colors.

You can purchase the bags online at Amazon, or if you're in the UK, any of the retailers listed here. 

If you're in the United States, nab one here.  They really are fantastic products and a great gift for students and bloggers alike!

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