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Monday, September 21, 2015

Top 5 Moisturising Products for Winter

Winter is coming (insert Game of Thrones joke), which means it is time for heavy moisturising. I don't know about you, but my skin suffers in the winter, meaning my hands, lips and feet are extremely dry. Here are some of my favorites for keeping my skin hydrated and therefore flake free:

1. The Body Shop's Body Butter 
This is my go-to product for soft arms and legs. The tubs are pretty expensive at £14 a pop, but they last quite a while and are more than worth it. Cocoa butter is my absolute favorite scent, but they stock a wide range of smells, surely to tickle anyone's fancy.

2. Vaseline Lip Therapy with Cocoa Butter
Not a ground breaking product by any means, but it really does the job. In fact, so much so that I keep one by my bed (since I work from home most of the time) to apply and re-apply as needed. My boyfriend has even been guilty of stealing these from me. In the winter, they are fab for keeping frost-bitten lips smooth and come in a variety of "flavors." Some of them, like their Rosy Lips are also tinted, but you have to be careful. Since I'm a fan of smearing the stuff on my lips without regard to where it is going, I've had the Rosy Lips outside of the confines of my lips before and looked like a total idiot.

3. Hand Food by Soap and Glory
This is my all time favorite for keeping my mitts nice and soft. In fact, I love it so much that I even have a travel sized version I carry with me at all times. I have often had trouble with dry hands that become a bit flaky, but this is one of the few products that has actually helped with that.

4. Soap and Glory's Righteous Butter
Although I don't love this one as much as The Body Shop's Body Butter, it is still a good one for your extremities. It is a bit cheaper than The Body Shop's version and only comes in one scent, but some people may find that it works better for them than the Body Shop's version.

5. Scholl's Velvet Smooth Essential Moisture Cream
My feet are often dry, even in the summer. I know that a disgusting thing to admit, but since this blog is all about sharing my life, I am going to share that little tidbit with you and hope that some of you relate. I find that after filing dry skin off of my feet, rubbing this on problem areas and throwing a pair of socks on over night really helps to keep skin smooth and soft.

What are your go-to winter essentials?

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  1. Nice post, it's a good idea to have included different types of moisturisers. I love the Hand Food cream, and a little goes a long way so even the small size product can last a whole season. Body Shop body butters are amazing too, as you say they're expensive but on offer, it is always good to stock up on those!

    Julia xx
    Check out my review of the Love Lettuce fresh mask by Lush:

    1. Agreed. :) Plus Body Shop always has amazing sales. xx

  • Great post! I've tried many of The Body Shop body butter and they all are my faves for sure! xo

    Check out my newest post over on -

    1. Agreed! x

  • I need to get my hands on some Soap and Glory body products ASAP. I've heard only good things about them and the cold weather is rapidly approaching....ahhhhhh. Thank you so much for sharing your favorites! Hope to check out some of these soon!

    1. YES you do. They are the very best honestly!

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