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Monday, August 24, 2015

How Not to Compare Yourself to Other Bloggers

Although blogging is meant to be enjoyable (and it mostly is--for me anyway!), there are times when it can become pretty easy to compare yourself to other bloggers. Meeting other bloggers at events is fabulous, not the least because you're not the only weirdo with a recording device glued to your hand. However, meeting other bloggers often means you have a way to now judge your success based on theirs. When you find out how long they've been blogging, you quickly find yourself calculating in your head how many followers they have, if you'll ever be able to catch up by the time you've been blogging for that long and a whole mess of other questions involving self-doubt and self-pity.

Instead of engaging in negative self-talk and negative comparison, here are some ways you can be inspired by other bloggers you meet and encounter.

1. Use their success not as a gauge for your own, but as an inspiration. Work out a plan of what you can do to achieve their success at a certain stage in your blogging career.

2. Network. This means not just handing people your card and getting on with it, but actually engaging with other bloggers you've met. Now that you have a personal connection, it doesn't hurt to ask your new blogging buddies how they've achieved what they have and if they have any dos or don'ts for you. This doesn't mean ask them for a shoutout or to pick apart your blog for free, but general tips are always helpful!

3. Figure out your own barometer of success. Do you want to raise your traffic? Get more followers? Take better photos? Set an achievable goal for yourself. You may want to ask other bloggers' input if they have been successful in that arena for tips and tricks.

4. Don't get downhearted. Everyone's blogging and YouTube journey is different. Although it sounds trite, it is true. There are a number of factors that make some blogs take off and others stay stagnant for a while before they have their day. Remember, most bloggers and YouTubers don't become overnight sensations. Sure it is easy to focus on those who have, but remember they are in the minority. Like anything else, achieving your long and short-term goals takes old-fashioned diligence, hard work and passion.

How do you cope when you find yourself comparing your blog to others?

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  1. It's quite a tough balancing act isn't it?

  2. I love checking out other bloggers for inspiration! Some of the posts motivate me to do things in my own way, or make me think I can do it this way. Everyone is unique, and everyone can be inspired by each other for sure. It is definitely a positive! :)

  3. So encouraging! I enjoy blogging and working hard - and I often "compare" myself with others..... and it's so important not to get "downhearted"!

  4. This is a lovely post as it is definitely hard not to compare yourself to others when you want to be as successful (if not more successful) but I've learned to just be friendly with everyone because no one is better. Most people who are very successful are good at what they do and they've worked hard at it so it's not a knock on me or anyone else. Thanks for sharing this tips! xx,

  5. polkadotsandcurrryAugust 24, 2015 at 11:17 PM

    Very thought provoking blog...I'm always inspired by other bloggers. It' all in your mind.
    I'm at :

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