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Thursday, August 13, 2015

How I Increased Traffic by Sticking to a Blogging Schedule

Pacing myself and setting up a workable schedule has greatly increased my traffic, organization and peace of mind when blogging. Here, I'm going to share with you what my week looks like in terms of blogging (and fitting it around my other life commitments!)

I never work on Sundays and typically don't post on a Sunday (unless there is something special I want to address). Therefore, I use Sundays to finish any blog posts I've been working on for the following week, workout and work on my PhD. If I'm all caught up on blog posts and ahead on my PhD work, I might decide to film a video. I make sure all of my posts for the week are ready to go and start thinking ahead to the week after. I also often catch up on extra writing I do for pay.

I typically don't work Mondays either (though sometimes I will). The post for that day will automatically go up, so I will take the time throughout the day to promote it on all of my social media. I also utilize Facebook groups that retweet, regram, re-pin, etc. your things in exchange for doing the same for others. I talk about those here.  I use Mondays to also catch up on TV shows and may go somewhere with my boyfriend during the day (as he doesn't usually work Mondays either). I might also work on my PhD and go to the gym.

Usually I work on Tuesdays. If I'm at the office, I will publicize my post for the day during my lunch break or when I get home. If I'm not at the office for lunch or out in the community, I may simply not publicize for the day, or wait until I get home to make any posts.

I also typically work on Wednesdays, however I usually don't post anything on Wednesday. Wednesdays seem to have the lowest engagement and pageviews of the week, though YouTube viewing is quite high on Wednesdays (who knows why!). Sometimes I may pick up the slack from the day before on my lunch break if I'm at the office. For

Thursday & Friday
I repeat Monday's pattern of publicity and begin writing posts for the next week. During these days, I also will often work on my PhD for a couple of hours and go to the gym, in between taking photos and building content. I may do something with friends or go out with my boyfriend as well. I may also do other writing I do for pay as well.

I either publicize old posts or work on new content, in addition to going to the gym and doing work on my PhD. I also tend to relax on Saturdays. For whatever reason, Saturdays seem to be the day that has the lowest engagement on my blog (people are away from their computers, I guess), so I don't feel as though it is a good use of time to post on Saturdays.

Throughout the week
If I get an idea for a post, I will schedule it for one of the days my posts go up. I usually write the title with a "TO WRITE" next to it so I know that it needs to be altered and edited before it goes up.

Sometimes I attend events in London, which is a lot of fun. Those will typically happen on weekends or after work.

What works for you when it comes to blogging? What is your schedule like? x

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! It was really interesting :)

  2. I've got three set posts for Sat-Mon the rest of the week I try to see what the focus is in the media or whether I've got any recipes etc. I could post. I try to stay about a week ahead too

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