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Thursday, August 6, 2015

20 Blog Post Ideas for Lifestyle and Beauty Bloggers

A lot of people who are just starting out blogging (or sometimes even established bloggers!) sometimes find themselves struggling for content ideas. To help you out, I've made a list of 20 blog post ideas you can use on your blog if you get stuck.

1. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? Include pictures if you can.

2. What's your favorite type of music or who is your favorite artist? Share a few songs to introduce them/the genre to your readers and get them in the music groove.

3. What are your lipgloss or eyeshadow or cheek staples?

4. What is your favorite go-to meal when you're hungry? How do you prepare it?

5. List 5 things you can do for free in your nearest big city. Bonus if you can do them and take pictures.

6. Have your pet "take over" your blog for the day and discuss some of their favorite brands of food, toys and things to do. You can also include local things to do with your pet.

7. List 30 things you'd like to accomplish by age 30. If you've already turned 30, you can do 40 by 40, or spin it and list 30 things you've already accomplished.

8. Style an outfit based on a particular era in history.

9. Discuss how to decorate a room/section of a room on the cheap.

10. Discuss something that's happening in your life, but switch it up so that your readers get something out of it. For example, if you are moving house, you can do "10 top tips for moving" or something to that effect.

11. Post about your favorite pet that you had in your life. Invite readers to talk about their pets in the comments.

12. Review the most recent book you've read.

13. What's your favorite cocktail or mocktail? Make it and tell your readers how they can make their own.

14. Tell us about your favorite vacation or a place that holds special significance to you. Invite your readers to share their own experiences in the comments.

15. What's worked for you and what hasn't since you began your blog? Share your tips with readers!

16. What are some of your favorite childhood memories with your sibling or best friend? Invite them to guest post.

17. What are your best tips for great pictures?

18. How do you organize your office or blogposts?

19. Why did you start blogging? Share your story of who or what inspired you.

20. Purchase some snacks you haven't eaten since childhood and review them. This would be a great video idea as well (I might steal this...)

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  1. Great post! This is perfect for those who need more motivation and inspiration in blogging! I only write about makeup, cosmetics and beauty related content so it's not hard finding titles to blog about. Hope someone get's inspired by this post!

    Wish you a wonderful Thursday xx

    Brand & Beauty |

    1. Thanks Celia. I am so glad you are always able to find something to write about! I admit I don't struggle very often, but I do get stuck sometimes! xx

  • This is a cool list of ideas, I have been struggling lately with my blogging so I might just get a few ideas and prep some posts.

    1. Do it girl! Let me know if you use any! xx

  • Shannon PetersonAugust 7, 2015 at 4:39 AM

    These are so smart! I'm trying to incorporate more local things into my blog now, and I love the idea of doing a top 5 list!

    1. Thanks Shannon. Let me know if you do! xx

  • Nice ideas! It's funny because I've prepared a "ten things to do before I'm 30 post" to upload on my blog soon. That's definitely my favourite post idea - settings goals and to do lists are the best thing ever :P

    Julia xx
    Check out my last beauty post here:

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