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Monday, August 3, 2015

Our Night at Belgo SoHo

Last week, Luke and I were invited to a London staple, the Belgian restaurant Belgo, to do some beer tasting and some serious eating. This little party was full of other bloggers, so it was a great way to meet some other people while tasting some new food. Although Belgo has several locations, this night was hosted at their brand new SoHo restaurant.

The night started off with a table set for a feast, just waiting for the goodies to be brought out. And while we waited, we got to indulge in some huge dill pickles, coconut beer and champagne beer. Belgo serves over 50 types of beers, so we definitely had a bit of trouble keeping them straight (especially as the night wore on!). Each one comes in its own little glass as well, adding to the fun of it.

Here's the table before we got into it, complete with the remains of mine or Luke's coconut beer and some fantastic dill pickles to the left.

Our first course came out, which was all covered up and mysterious. It was opened to reveal....

A pot of steaming muscles. So I'll make a confession...for all of the traveling I have done and all of the places I've lived, I've never been very adventurous with food. I kind of have my little things I stick to in each genre to avoid the dreaded meal disappointment. I am not a big seafood gal, so I have actually never had mussels before. Luckily, Luke (also a mussels virgin) and I were sitting next to Marie of Ms. Food Blogger (the perfect woman for the job!) and she taught us how to eat them. I ended up liking them quite a lot and worked my way through a few, despite my earlier declaration to myself to ease up a little on the food.

Then came the lobster. Whoooo boy. That was good. You can even see the grease and butter dripping off of it in this picture, obviously meaning it's fantastic. I can't really remember ever eating lobster, though I'm sure I must have at some point (I did go on a family vacation to New England as a teen and there is no way we didn't eat some type of lobster). Marie being nearby was there to save the day and help us figure out how to eat this delicious dish!

We were given beer at every course to pair with our food. One of the courses was paired with Kwak, a Belgian beer drunk in this crazy little contraption. Apparently, it was invented in order to help people hold it, as the glass for it is meant for travellers so that they can hold the beer in their torch compartments.

We were then served this amazing chicken. I'm not a huge meat person, but I will eat chicken, and the flavors of this one were absolutely to die for. Finished with a sweet chilli, lime leaf, ginger and red pepper glaze it was definitely a treat.

Next came the sharing board, which I believe was a mixture of both their cheesy and meaty boards. I think this one was my absolute favorite of the bunch. With warm camembert and delicious salami, this was a delight. I could have happily just eaten two of these and called it an evening.

Then came the fruity shots, which you can't go wrong with.

The night was finished off with an amazing Belgian waffle paired with a beautiful cherry beer (it goes down well with chocolate and I believe this one was called the Boon Kriek). We shared our waffle with Josie of the Fashion Mumblr and her boyfriend, Charlie. Then both of us couples got our own. It was fantastic.

We weren't sent packing without gifts for the road. We were given personalized beers with our pictures on it (Luke looks great!) and little goodie bags.

Overall, a solid night and I recommend Belgo to anyone visiting or living in London...especially if you're a fan of beer. But they've also got their delicious meats, seafoods, burgers and even some gorgeous looking salads (that we didn't get to try, but I'm keen for next time).  

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  1. This looks amazing, the food looks incredible! Those waffles! Yum! xo

  2. fashionandstylepolice.comAugust 3, 2015 at 12:11 PM

    Look like you guys had fun. The food looks yummy.

  3. What a lovely meal and drinks! Glad you had a great time!

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