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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Days Out In Dublin

Here's another image heavy post, so another "Read More" tag is to be used!

On our first day in Dublin, we spent some time at the National Museum of Archeology. This (FREE) museum is right next to the Parliament. I didn't even realize this until later, and I figured out that we saw members of Parliament walking right by us.

At any rate, the architecture is beautiful and the building itself houses some amazing treasures, including gold pieces from prehistoric times. Aside from a ton of jewellery, it also hosts some crazy bog bodies, or bodies from thousands of years ago that were preserved in the bogs, hair and all.

After sampling some of Ireland's national treasures, we found ourselves at Murray's on O'Connell Street, where we were treated to free live music and dancing and plates of traditional Irish food and ale.

During our time in Dublin, we also visited a very unique theatrical experience called The Story of the Irish, where we learned about 10,000 years of Irish history in about an hour. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn a bit about history!

On our last day, before going to the airport, we had a bite to eat at this amazing cafe we found called The Lovely Food Company in the suburb of Drumcondra. I had the most amazing chicken, cranberry and stuffing baguette and a sweet jam scone, which I could barely fit in (but it was oh so worth it!):

Sorry this post was so quick and dirty. Because neither of us felt too well, most of the trip involved wandering around and doing lots of eating and resting.

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