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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Travel Tuesdays--Lisa from United Cakedom Talks Moving from the US to UK

Hi! My name is Lisa I blog over at United Cakedom ( I am an American and I moved to England to be with my husband who is British. After a brief but intense long distance relationship we eloped and I moved “across the pond” to be with him, 2 children and 10 years later I am still here!

What country are you originally from and where did you move to?

United States of America to United Kingdom/England

What was the reason for the move?
My husband. We eloped and 2 months later I moved over. 

What is one thing that didn't surprise you about living in your new country?
I had stayed in England for five weeks previously so there was a lot I already knew. Like if it looks like rain bring an umbrella, if you have one it doesn’t rain, if you don’t then it inevitably will. 

What is one thing that did surprise you about living in your new country?
How amazing the summers can be! They aren’t long granted, but they can be sunny and hot. Unlike where I lived in middle America where the summers were muggy and full of mosquitos! 

How often do you see your family and how do they feel about your living abroad?
Not very often. Even though they accept that I have left, they don’t like it much. They have never really said, but I know and they know I know. I have missed big events and it can be hard when things happen good or bad. 

Tell me one embarrassing thing that has happened as a result of a cultural miscommunication. 
I was at a market and the stall had some dried fruit that I was interested in. So, I asked him for a pound. Being American I mean a pound in weight and as a British stall holder he thought I meant one Great British Pound. It was pretty embarrassing. 

Lisa's delicious cakes.

Are you learning the language? Is it difficult? 

Language is the same, but I have definitely picked up the slang! Still have a few miss communications here and there, but understanding a lot more! 

Do you find you can get your regular foods or have you adapted to the local foods?
Most of the food is the same and if there is anything I have a craving for I just order online or one of the main grocery stores has a World Food section that carries a few selected American things. At an extortionate rate of course! 

What is your favorite custom in your adopted country that isn't in your home country? 
Boxing Day. The day after Christmas should be a day off!! 

What is your favorite food from your adopted country? 
As a food blogger this should be an easy one! However, I am at a bit of a loss. I do love a fish and chips especially when having a day out at the seaside. 

What do you miss most about home?
Besides my family and friends of course! It would have to be…. Space! Coming from middle America - Wisconsin, Indiana, and Minnesota to be exact I am used to a lot of space. Here in southern England I feel like everyone is living on top of each other. Not that I have any real right to complain as I am adding to the problem by living here and then having two children. 

Gorgeous cupcakes!

What is one thing from your home country that you miss that you didn't expect to?
I think it would be the same as above, I never really appreciated living in an detached house and big parking spaces until I moved here where every house seems to be attached somehow and parking spaces are tiny! 

What is one thing from your home country you DON'T miss?
I don’t miss the below zero temperatures during the long cold Minnesota winters. I do miss having proper winters, but not the freezing cold nor the icy roads! 


  1. How fun! I'll bet that move is a HUGE change, but how lovely to be able to meet the love of your life and move somewhere lovely with them. ♥

    1. Agreed. Her cakes look absolutely divine as well. May have to stalk her and try some! xx

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