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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Zoella Beauty's Tutti Fruity Range Review

Many of you may remember that last year, Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella) launched a product range. I reviewed that range on my blog here  and on my YouTube channel here.  Although I'm a fan of Zoe and am always curious about her endeavors, I "endured" (I put in quotes because it's not like it was heart breaking, but more like extremely annoying) lots of abuse at the keyboard by many of her loyal fans who are besotted with her. My crime? I wasn't in love with the lotion and I really couldn't grasp the fizz bar's point. For months, I got hate mail after hate mail attacking me personally, calling me disgusting, a bad person and using Zoella for my personal gain. This died down for a while, but I knew something was up when the abuse started to trickle back in a few weeks was because was releasing a new line and a fresh crop of 12-year-olds were ready to put my in my place.

Hearing this, I was anxious to get my hands on it (I did actually really like the body wash in the previous range) and review it again because of many of the positive remarks I did receive. There will also be a YouTube review of this (for those of you lovelies who said they missed my videos!), but unfortunately I am going to have to block comments.

Anyway, to the review.

These are the products I chose from her new range:

Left to right: Scrubbing Me Softly Body Scrub (£7), Foam Sweet Foam Shower Gel (£3.50), Candy Cream Body Lotion (£5) and Kissy Missy Lip Balm (£3). This isn't the whole range, however, as I am missing the body mist, fizz bar and make-up bag. Because I couldn't figure out the fizz bar before, I decided to skip it this time around. I wasn't too enamored with the smell of the body mist before and being over the age of 18, I decided it probably wouldn't be something I'd want to wear out, so I skipped that. Also, I need a new cosmetic purse like I need a hole in my head, so I skipped that as well.

Now to the reviews:

Overall, the products have cute packaging. They are bright and eye-catching, which is perfect for her target audience of school kids looking to spend their pocket money.

The lip balm, I think, is the least favorite of the products. It isn't quite a lip balm, but not quite a lipstick and leaves your lips a very '90s frosted pink shade. It's just not my color or my thing, so this one is probably going in the drawer.

The body scrub was actually better than I expected. It isn't as good as Soap and Glory's oatmeal scrub, but the beads are nice and thick making it good for arms and legs.

The lotion is a bit thicker than its previous incarnation and has pink microbeads in it giving it some extra color. The lotion also seems to be less greasy and in general, the smell is less "I'm 12-years-old!" and a little more of a fresh smell.

Although I like the foam sweet foam, it isn't my favorite of the bunch. I actually liked the smell of the original Soak Opera a little bit better, but this one is okay.

Overall, the products are okay. I think this incarnation is better than the previous version and it will be a hit amongst young teens. Do I think Zoe made a brand that has massive staying power after her YouTube career is over? No, definitely not. But while she's the reigning queen of YouTube, she and those making her products sure know her audience.

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  1. I was totally curious as to what you might think of the new range, I was expecting not such a wow review of her range. I went on that YouTube forum place and people reckon it looks like a knock off soap and glory brand. I still think all the hate you got was totally unnecessary and look forward to the video review of the products. Also reading blog posts more often now and really like your content at the moment =]

    1. Thanks lady! Yeah it's not great but it isn't horrible. I definitely think it is an improvement over the last one, but I'm not convinced it's super great. Glad you like my blog! I've been concentrating more on it than YouTube as of late. xx

  • I actually think the design is kind of cute and I am way older than the target group :) I do think that the pink lip balm should have been less tacky pink though especially for girls 10 - 15 years old ;)

  • Valerie BustamanteJuly 14, 2015 at 6:00 PM

    I have yet to try any of products still, but thanks for sharing your opinion:) I really like the packaging.

  • these products look awesome. I love exfoliating beads they make your skin so soft! x, kenz

  • I would have given her products a try but as I doubt they are vegan or cruelty free I've stayed away. Shame as they look great and so tempting. The only thing I have off her brand is the make up case.

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