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Friday, July 17, 2015

Summer with Scholl

With sandal season in full swing, it is important to keep your feet looking (and smelling!) their absolute best. As some of you may know (if you knew me in college particularly...I went to college in Southern California where it is sandal season year round), I have a thing about keeping my feet nice and tidy. In college, I could opt for a pedicure every week or so, but here in England that's an impossibility and pedicures are a rare treat (though probably better because I'm not sure people working in pedicure shops are getting paid fairly in the US, but I digress).

I was absolutely delighted when Scholl (called Dr. Scholl's in America which threw me off a little!) asked me if I wanted some products to try.

The Fresh Step is a necessity for anyone who lives with men as they often skip sandals in the summer and opt for a more sweaty option. To be honest, I don't use this product too much because I often stick to sandals (except when I'm working out). But that meant that I could really use the dry skin recovery cream to my advantage as I often get dry heels.

The consistancy is quite thick, which means there's a lot more to go around to repair your feet and it goes a long way.

The repair cream is best used by placing it liberally on your feet before bed and then putting on socks to lock the moisture in. You're guaranteed to wake up to soft feet!

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