Travel Tuesdays--Cynthia from Adventurings on Her Time in the Czech Republic

Today I'm interviewing Cynthia from Adventurings about her expat life in the Czech Republic.

What country are you originally from and where did you move to?

I'm from Washington state, U.S.A. and I am currently living in the Southwestern Czech Republic.

What was the reason for the move?

Honestly, I just really wanted to live abroad-- preferably in an old, historical European city and I have definitely accomplished that! I couldn't think of "settling down" back home until I went out and experienced life in a different way.

What is one thing that didn't surprise you about living in your new country?

The beauty of the nature and the cities! And the locals' penchant for drinking beer. 

What is one thing that did surprise you about living in your new country?

How strangers can seem so cold on the street but when you get to know someone better, they are the warmest and kindest people you will meet! 

How often do you see your family and how do they feel about your living abroad?

I really don't see my family often, but fortunately for me both parents have already been to visit me here! My mom thinks it's great because I'm following my heart and all that, and my dad is understanding only because he thinks it's sad that "with the state of the economy" I couldn't get a job back home... which is a bit ironic because he's a serial expat. I think I would have wanted to move abroad despite the economy... there is just so many things to discover on the European continent for an American!

Tell me one embarrassing thing that has happened as a result of a cultural miscommunication. 

Fortunately I haven't had really embarrassing miscommunication, just little things.  BUT, I have shown up empty-handed at a birthday party once or twice, which is a big no no in the Czech Republic! It's always better to bring something... really, anything!

Are you learning the language? Is it difficult? 

I have taken Czech lessons in the past when I first moved here, but am currently dedicating most of my time to improving my German language skills-- a language I've been studying since university. But, I am planning to start studying much more seriously after we return from our summer holidays if staying in the CZ is what we decide to do. The language is not easy, but I'm feeling naively optimistic. 

Do you find you can get your regular foods or have you adapted to the local foods?

I have definitely not adapted to traditional Czech cuisine as I eat a largely vegetarian diet, the cuisine is much too heavy for me... I mostly just cook Asian meals in my own kitchen. Some things I have learned to make from scratch like pancake mix, hollandaise sauce, kimchi... but other things just can't be bought here. Like macaroni and cheese. (cry)

What is your favorite custom in your adopted country that isn't in your home country? 

That's a tough one. I like how people "drop call" each other. If you arrive at someone's house, for example, and you want them to know you've arrived, you call them, let it ring once, and hang up. That way, nobody gets charged for the call. Thrifty Czechs!

What is your favorite food from your adopted country? 
 Without a doubt, česnečka, which is this really cheesy, garlicy soup with croutons floating around on top. If you like garlic, this is your dream soup. I'm also a fan of the lard spread with pork crackling on bread that is often served at pubs. It sounds gross but it tastes so good!

What do you miss most about home? 

Friends and family, of course! But also just because "my peeps" are there. Always friendly faces to chat with in my native language.

What is one thing that surprised you that you missed about your home country?

The seafood! I always took that for granted living on the coast my entire life! Now I appreciate it so much. Living abroad has really helped me to appreciate what I had, what I have, and the positive about my country as well as recognizing the negative much more clearly.
Where else can we find you?

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  1. Interesting. I've lived abroad but I've never helt at home anywere in the world.


    1. Aww. Where are you from originally Avy and where do you live?

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