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Monday, June 22, 2015

Our Night at Jamie's Italian Milton Keynes

Jamie's Italian at Milton Keynes kindly invited me and a guest (which of course, was Luke!) to come have a bite to eat. I had only ever been to Jamie's once before, but I was thoroughly impressed this time. 

The decor, of course, was fabulous and hearkened the sense of an old Italian kitchen.

If you really liked the meal, you could purchase one of Jamie's many cookbooks. After taking in our surroundings, we had a seat and had a look at the menu. 

I started off the evening with a Berry Blast, a non-alcoholic mix of strawberry, passion fruit, lemon and cranberry. It hit the spot after a long, hot (well, hot for Britain) day of doing chores.

Luke opted for the Liberta, which is Jamie's in house brew. After not too long (we had a fabulous waiter called Andy, by the way. Luke, who works in the food service industry himself, said he was thoroughly impressed with his service), our food started coming in. Naturally, we started off with some appetizers.

First up were the Italian nachos--a fried raviloi stuffed with three cheeses. I wasn't super keen on this at first and Luke ended up ordering it...and then I ended up eating most of it.

You can't have an Italian meal without your of course we ordered the bread platter as well. It came with oil and vinegar and an olive sauce for dipping.

Then our mains came! Luke had the penne carbonara, which was absolutely delicious, though pretty filling. At Jamie's, you can choose between a small or large portion. Luke went with the large.

I opted for the small portion of prawn linguine. Even though our waiter thought it would be too small for a dinner portion, it was actually just perfect for me and even a little bit filling. The dish was amazing and wonderful for summer as although it was filling, it wasn't a heavy meal that left you feeling meh at the end. The sauce and garlic prawns were excellent.

I also opted for a side of polenta chips, topped with rosemary and Parmesan cheese.

Info on my outfit for anyone who wants to know. The dress is sold out completely, but here are some similars:

After dinner, we were both stuffed, but knew we needed to try one of the amazing looking desserts for ourselves. I opted for the raspberry Pavolova, which is new for summer and wasn't yet on the menu. I'm still learning to make the perfect meringue myself, so I have mad respect for anyone who can do it to perfection like this. Excellent for summer and not too heavy, this topped off my meal beautifully.

Luke opted for a more classic option: three scoops of chocolate ice cream. Still delicious.

I don't think I've ever taken a picture of a toilet before, but before we made our way home, I stopped in to use the bathroom. The history nut in me loved the old fashioned turn-of-last century style decor...and these old fashioned Thomas Crapper toilets. A little digging told me that these are exact replicas of the Victorian and Edwardian originals, just with a few changes to suit modern plumbing. Is it weird that I took a picture of this? Yes, kind of. But I had to share!

The food at Jamie's was fantastic. I have also felt a tiny connection to Jamie Oliver since his wife has lupus. At any rate, Luke and I had a fabulous time and ate some lovely food. Thank you to Jamie's at Milton Keynes for a lovely night out! 


  1. Wow that food looks soooo good! I love Italian!

    Sorry if this is inappropriate to say but your boyfriend looks really hot here! (You look lovely too, of course).

    I really love how you make the effort to find similar products of clothes if the specific ones you're wearing are sold out. That's nice. A lot of people will just say stuff like "from last year's collection" or "now unavailable" and don't bother to find similar examples so I do appreciate this. I can't remember if I told you this before but I have actually bought something after seeing it on your blog! It was a cream puffy skirt from your post on Zoella's outfit in TGBBO. More fashion posts, please!

    1. It isn't inappropriate! And he appreciated it!

      Thank you! I am so glad people are appreciating it. I will keep doing it. There are a couple more fashion posts coming so sit tight. xx

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