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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Travel Tuesdays- K from Eat. Love. Live. Tells Us About Expat Life in the UK

I'm K. I blog over at Eat.Love.Live ( and I live in London with my husband and my 9 month old baby girl. Life is good. Great in fact. I love my little family, my humble little home and everything about London life.

The only thing is I am a long way from my original home. Although I have 2 passports I did not grow up in the UK and I am the only one from my immediate family that is living here. In fact I have only been here for 5 years and I came here as a single party girl ready to travel up a storm over Europe. It seems that life had different plans for me and now, well here I am! 

What country are you originally from and where did you move to?
I'm originally from Melbourne, Australia and moved to London UK in 2010.

What was the reason for the move?
I had been quite content in Melbourne all my life but did have a major case of the travel bug. Over a period of about 2 weeks I had the thought that it could be fun to pick up and go to the UK. When a psychic told me I was going to live in England, that sealed the deal. The very next day I booked my ticket. I'm impulsive like that!

What is one thing that didn't surprise you about living in your new country?
I really didn't have too many expectations. I had never even been to Europe before so my mind was very open. I was expecting an adventure and I sure have got that. Just in different ways than I initially thought.

What is one thing that did surprise you about living in your new country?
How much I just instantly felt at home. My dad was born in England and lived here as a child so I'm sure it's in my blood.

How often do you see your family and how do they feel about your living abroad?
I am really lucky to be able to travel back to Australia once a year to see my family and they also visit me. In the last 6 months I've had my mum, dad and brother visit me on all separate occasions so the count down is never too long until I'm reunited with someone. We miss each other like mad. They are especially feeing in lately because in August last year I gave birth to my first baby so they're missing out on seeing my mini growing up. She's growing so quickly!

What is your favorite custom in your adopted country that isn't in your home country? 
Sunday Roast! Of course we have roast dinners in Australia but not quite the way the UK do it. I also love Christmas time. Rugging up in warm clothes (in Australia it's hot and 40 degree days at Christmas time are not uncommon), visiting Christmas markets and drinking mulled wine.

What do you miss most about home?
My family and friends first and foremost. If I could pluck them all from Australia and bring them here I would be a very happy girl. Also, the beach, eating dinner outside - just the outdoor lifestyle in general.

What is one thing from your home country you DON'T miss?
Flies, bugs and spiders! I was always terrified of them. I've even been bitten by a spider. Luckily it wasn't poisonous but it gave me a nasty shock. I was so happy when I realised that bugs seem to avoid London. I hardly ever see them here.

What are your future plans and do you intend to move back to Australia?
Whilst I am very adventurous and have travelled the world, my husband is a bit more of a homebody. He loves travel now, but only because I have opened his eyes. I'm not sure how he'd cope if we moved away from the UK. Never say never, but for now we are very comfortable here.

You can read more about my life as an expat here:

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