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Friday, June 12, 2015

Sponsor Roundup

Ginger Dolly XO

My newest sponsor and one of my Queen of Hearts (so she gets pride of place!) has an absolutely adorable blog! Her header is so adorable, with the illustration of her and all of her favorite things. Verity's (the girl behind Ginger Dolly) blog focuses mainly on beauty, with posts about that tea detox thing we're all curious about, hair curling and even a few Lush products. Verity recently went to a Lush spa event Chelmsford where she got to see some new products and meet and greet with fellow bloggers. I am so jealous. Read all about it here!

The Classic Girl

Another one of my Queen of Hearts sponsors, Amanda was featured on my blog last month and with her lovely guest post on how to keep in touch with family and friends overseas. Her adorable blog has recently gotten a makeover and my favorite post of hers so far is her May favorites. I absolutely love seeing what people are enjoying for the month and getting little bits of recommendations from their favorites. Amanda is also a fellow expat, and popping over to say hi to her is well worth the visit!

Small Towns and City Lights
Rachel from Small Towns and City Lights has a lovely, sleek blog design. Rachel talks about a wide range of topics from keeping fit at home to some pretty drool-worthy recipes. Each Thursday, she posts a recipe in her series "Tasty Thursday." And let me just saw that these S'more cookies look heavenly. I might be making a trip to my local American store to grab some supplies! Diet schmiet!

Funning Up My Life
Rowan is the face behind Funning Up My Life, a blog with some amazing DIY and cooking tips. She also runs a series called "My Mug and I" in which she interviews other bloggers and introduces them to her audience while they talk about every British person's favorite topic: tea! Rowan recently did a fabulous DIY on how to recycle old candle jars AND the wax inside of them. 

Hot Chocolate in June
I can't ever fault a good book or an author getting the word out there for hers. Hot Chocolate in June is not really a blog (though the for the book lives on the blog Rugged & Redeemed), but all about the book by the same name by Holly Mthethwa. Holly has felt a calling to be a Christian and follow Jesus and this influence in her life lead her all over the world serving in various missions. Her book also chronicles her relationship with a black South African man she met during her mission and the cultural issues she faced in an interracial relationship a post-apartheid country where prejudices still run deep. 10% of the proceeds of the book sales go to an orphanage in South Africa with the goal of placing them in permanent homes. You can order the book on Kindle or in Paperback, or for a little bit extra, you can have Holly sign the book herself. I haven't read it yet, but it is definitely now on my list.

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  1. Elizabeth RebeccaJune 13, 2015 at 1:54 AM

    Thanks for sharing these awesome new blogs.

    Lizzie Dripping

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