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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Is There Room for Us Smaller YouTubers?

Is there room for smaller YouTubers? Are we overshadowed completely by bigger YouTubers or can we carve out our own niches? A one-shot vlog!


  1. Hi Anna,

    Interesting vid! It's a topic I've kind of wondered about myself in the past, but ultimately I refuse to believe that there's no more space for us. There's always going to be new people breaking out, and there's always going to be people who were big at one time but whose channels and blogs either closed down, fizzled out, or became less influential/popular over time. Even people just moving from blogging to only youtube, there's always gonna be transition there. Actually a lot of people who started out as bloggers then moved to youtube.....their blogs now kind of really suck and are almost totally neglected. And that's fine! It's their decision and if they're happier doing just youtube, then power to them.

    As I've said before in previous comments, I don't do youtube, only blogging. I'm just too shy to make a video and I prefer blogs because I can read them at work, but I can't watch videos at work, so it's easier for me to stay 'connected' in blogging. That said, I think there are a lot of similarities between breaking out in blogging and breaking out in youtube. In many ways I think there's less competition in youtube. My little blog is now ten months old and still hasn't got anywhere, but you know what? I'm proud of it. I think the pictures on it are terrible, but the writing on it is pretty damn good and a lot better than that of many so-called 'bigger' bloggers.

    It is definitely easy to get discouraged, and I admire you for a) having the honesty to make a video about it and b) going on a photography course in an attempt to improve (I should do the same!). To be honest I think I can see what you mean about feedback you've gotten with regards to your posts being quite scatter-gun in approach and on quite a few different topics. I personally don't mind it - some posts aren't my cup of tea or don't interest me, but then other topics I find really interesting and they're the ones I'll comment on. There is no way you should restrict yourself to just talking on fashion and make up if that's not what you want to do. A lot of bloggers now are more 'lifestyle' and write about food, travel, fitness and homeware/interior design stuff, so I don't think it has to be a mega problem that you deal with many different topics. I do think you could write more about creative writing and the challenges and process of writing books. There are many aspiring writers out there and it could become like a weekly feature or something.

    I personally think you're doing really well and it's natural to feel stuck in a rut or that you could do better, but you should remember that to me, and many people like me I'm sure, you are already a 'bigger' blogger/youtuber! I've never made even a penny from my blog or writing and the fact that you have, even just pocket money stuff, is awesome and quite inspirational to me. Granted it's a long way from being a full-time youtuber/blogger, but you've got to start somewhere!

    Not to end on a depressing note, but I sometimes wonder if it's an age thing. Deep down I know that I am probably being ridiculous, but I turn 27 next Saturday and I think you are about the same age or a year or two older, and sometimes when I see all the other girls in their late teens/early twenties, I wonder if I am out of touch, or just too old now to really be relevant. Then I remind myself that I don't want to target that age group anyway - I want to speak to women like me in their mid to late twenties.

    Anyway, best of luck with everything, keep going, and if it makes you feel any better, I have feel disappointed in the past when I've visited your blog and find there's nothing new to read! (I do check in nearly every day though).

    1. You are so sweet! I have noticed your comments in the past and it makes me feel so awesome that you care enough about my blog to write such a long response.

      I agree, that blogging has to be two-fold. It has to be for you but also for your audience. If you neglect one or the other, it just isn't going to get anywhere. It is very frustrating. I am glad you are proud of your blog! (If you want any free adspace since you've been so loyal, please let me know! Or even a guest post or feature.)

      I think blogging and YouTube are both difficult to break into in their own way and are becoming more separate. I feel like, though, with blogging age is less of a THING than with YouTube. On YouTube, people freak out more about age and I see bloggers of all ages all of the time. I guess it just depends. :) xx

  • Heather - sparkleshineheatherJune 8, 2015 at 12:53 AM

    Hey there! I really appreciated this post because I am in a similar situation. I just recently got the guts to start my blog and post at least semi consistently, and I am already wondering if I should narrow my scope. Ultimately, I want to write about political and social issues in a way that will be interesting to a young(ish), female demographic BUT I also really want to post about beatuy/fashion/lifestyle because it is something I enjoy.The reason I really like your blog is because you have such a wide scope and cover a variety of things that I am interested in. Keep on keeping on! :)

    1. Thanks Heather! What is your blog? It sounds like something I would be super interested in. I agree though, it is hard to know if you should narrow or keep it wide. But if you are narrow, I almost feel like you need to be an expert of some sort if that makes sense? Anyway, I am very excited to see your blog. It sounds great! xx

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