Finding My Way Again

I've spoken on my blog before about the trouble I've been having with my blog in general. I started this blog as a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog, but I quickly found that I didn't enjoy that as much as I thought.

One of the biggest issues I kept having with fashion and beauty blogging is the amount of STUFF you are sent. Last Christmas burned me out with reviews of free things. While it may sound glamorous to some, these items are often things I wouldn't want to use anyway, and I always found it difficult to say no to people.

So there I was, last Christmas, stuck with tons of things I didn't really need or want. Most of it got donated to a shelter for refugees from Syria, as I'm sure most of them didn't come with make-up and it might make them feel a bit more like themselves.

I've felt stuck with my blog for a while. Largely, I think, because I started doing more YouTube videos and I was still struggling with my intersistial cystitis pain. Lovely blogging companies still invited me out for things, but I often just didn't have the energy to go....and to be honest, I still don't.

It's depressing, and difficult to be a lifestyle blogger who doesn't have an enviable life. That's what people want to read about, anyway, isn't it? Not someone who is stuck in bed watching Netflix and working from home.

In April, I found veganism and thought that might be something I could turn my attention toward. It was a bit more meaningful than piles of clothes and make-up and something I hoped I could build a community with.

Unfortunately, it turns out that online veganism is simply a circus and I got caught up in some weird plot whereby a big YouTuber tried to lie about me in order to take down my channel and drive me off social media. Wow, what a compassionate community online veganism turned out to be...NOT.

So here I am.

This past weekend I met Doug the Pug and for some reason, that has motivated me a little bit more to work on my blog. I'm not sure what kind of posts I will have going forward, but I am hoping to get maybe a little bit more back into the swing of things.

Maybe I'll show you guys a glimpse into the two vacations I took this summer and neglected to blog about. We'll see.

I'm sure I won't be updating as often as I used to, but I still want to be in the game.

Thanks, Doug, for your pint sized inspiration:

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