Friday, November 14, 2014

Eugene's Favorites

Ladies and gentlemen, today Eugene (my grumpy old man shih tzu with more personality than most people) is taking over my blog to tell you about some treats he received from the lovely folks at Pet Shop Bowl. 

You want me to write a blog post? Do I get paid for this?

Take it away Euge!

Last Thursday, the owners of Pet Shop Bowl sent my owner some treats for me in the post. They asked for all of my favorite things, to which she told them chicken and duck. In fact, when she adopted me, my previous family didn't really give the shelter much information about me, other than the fact that I love chicken. And that is a fact. Since I've been living in the UK, I have been sharing a house with a Labrador who loves duck and consequently, I've developed quite the taste for it. Luckily, the Pet Shop Bowl folks knew exactly what to piece together for my goodie bag!

Firstly, they sent me some Hills Ideal Balance Lamb and Veg, which comes with delicious rice and vegetables. I have gotten pretty picky in my old age and I absolutely love this stuff (at least when I'm in the mood--I can dislike anything if I'm feeling particularly grumpy). They also gave me some Libby's Kitchen Chicken and Duck dry food as a mix-in. I've kind of gone off dry food these days, but I really loved it mixed in with the wet food. And since it was two of my favorite flavors, I couldn't resist.

How good does that stuff look?
Yummy yum yum! I devoured this immediately. Even the other dog in the house got interested in it. But it is all mine!
I also got this amazing Kong toy that Moby (the lab who lives with us) and I figured out together. Mom stuffed with with these delicious Nature's Menu chicken treats and we got all of them out in no time. Team work! Moby is really picky when it comes to dog treats, so I was really surprised that he was gunning for them as well. Means they must be really, really good. But luckily, we love each other, so we don't fight over the treats.

The Kong is really cool as well because I eat Dentastix all the time and when the Nature's Menu treats run out (which I predict will be quite soon, as I'm loving them!), mom figured out that she can break off one and put it in the Kong.

Mom tried to get some pictures of me playing with my Kong, but I was not having it. In protest, I stopped playing with it each time she whipped out the camera. I deserve royalties for this blog post. I don't even have thumbs, so this took me ages to write...and what do I get for this? (Aside from tons of yummy treats....okay, okay...)

Am I getting paid for this?

You're never gonna get it.
I think I'll just do some yoga whilst we negotiate my pay....
I tried to hold out. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is oh so weak. Those treats are just too good! I will get paid after this, right?

Thank you so much to the folks at Pet Shop Bowl for sending us the goodies. All opinions, however, are my own. As always, I do not endorse products I would not purchase myself with my own money. 
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  1. omg your dog is BEAUTIFUL!!! this just adds to my temptation to get a little shih tzu, they are just the nicest dogs!!

    1. Awww thank you! Yeah Euge is great, he's just a bit stubborn! x

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